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    A Neophyte Faith

    Church. I grew up in it, and learned about Jesus, God, and the Holy Spirit. So what? I became Jaded.…

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    Keep Faith

    Just not enough. That is how I have been feeling lately. It seems as if everything I do, is just not…

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    Grey on a Page of White

    Do you have a dream? Think hard for a second. Is there some place where you have felt a bit of your …

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    You Can Do This

    Addiction: The fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity. Ad…

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    Tune In, Tune Out

    In physics class, we had to do this experiment with an old AM radio–one of those which has a l…

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A common thing I have seen with most of the people I have talked to and helped is that they feel worthless. They say things like “I’m not worth your time.”, “You probably have better things to do.”, “Nobody actually loves me”, “If I told you then you would hate …

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The Road


Lately, a lot of things have been on my mind. I haven’t posted in so long but there is so much to talk about. Gonna be a little longer of a story so sit back, relax, and grab some popcorn. So over the summer was a time where I could …

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Feeling Empty and Lost

As of late, I have felt so incredibly lost and empty, feeling as though God is sitting there watching and I’m just carrying on not making a difference. It’s as though He’s sitting and watching, my prayers are gone with the wind and disappear as though the words were never …

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A gift in the snow


Its snowing outside, and people are complaining: “The roads are going to be to icy, My skin gets really dry. its so dark in the mornings and evenings. This season is a season of broken bones and death. The ice is so dangerous.” The list goes on. My family and …

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What if I Don’t Feel God?

Going to a Christian school, being surrounded by other Christians, you will constantly hear about ‘how God talks to them’ or ‘Feeling Gods presence’. But what if you don’t? What if I’ve never felt God’s presence. I know he’s real, I know he’s there, but I’ve never felt him, connected …

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The Race of Life


When I start warming up there is thirty minutes till the start, jogging around, I start slow. Soon I start to do warm-up exercises, then leg swings and stretches. Over at the start line I do a few start practices and say “good luck.” to competitors. Where am I going? …

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