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How To Trust (Again)


Once trust is broken, how can anyone trust again? Is it even possible? I know when you trust someone so deeply, and you tell them many things, it’s hard to trust anyone besides them. But on the day they betray you and flood the world with your secrets, your heart …

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All It Takes Is One


Anti-bullying week has just passed and the feeling is still in the air. Late at night I got this strange feeling to write about my story and my experience with bullying. I tried to sleep it off but I couldn’t, it was like I had to write it right then …

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Lately a lot of things have been on my mind. I see so many of my friends hurting, some even pulling each other apart. People keep rejecting, leaving, and shattering each other. Why though? Can we all not unite even with our differences? How much better would our world be …

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I’ve been trying to write for a very long time. It seems that each time I come to write, I find that I don’t have any answers, any solutions for my troubled heart, or for my many questions so I give up. I used to be able to start writing …

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Close your eyes


What happens when you close your eyes? What do you see? Who do you see? When I close my eyes, I see my community, my friends, and my family. I see peace, prosperity, protection. What do I see? Once in a while, I won’t see these things. Instead I will …

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Living or not?


I recently heard a sermon with a message that stuck in my head. When you don’t have anything to live for, you will live for anything. Many people nowadays are alone or bored. They don’t have a job, they are not in school, or they lack something else to do. Most of …

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