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My Uncles Funeral

The feeling you get when your at a funeral for someone you’ve known your whole life, someone you loved and trusted. As your watching the heartbroken weeping of the familiar faces of family around you, it makes you wonder, why do bad things happen? Could this be what God wants for his children, this overwhelming grief? Surely the creator of the universe has at least a small amount of compassion and could have spared this one human life. So then why did he die? Why this suffering?

Its true that everyone experiences pain and loss at one point or the other, its inevitable. But what if there’s reasoning to it? Because why would the same Father that had created us, wept for us, and sent His own Son to die for us, sit back and watch us suffer for no reason? Impossible. But then why does it happen?

Well, it’s true in ways, yes God “allows” bad things to happen, however, he’s not the cause of them. I believe it goes along with what many mothers and fathers teach kids from an early age; with privilege comes responsibility. Well, its the same with our Heavenly Father, we are given total freedom to make our own choices, and to decide what we think is right for us. But we are a fallen creation; from the very moment when Adam and Eve ate the fruit in the Garden of Eden, till now, us humans have been making mistake after mistake. So what else can we expect but the consequences from these mistakes? But don’t get me wrong, God’s not necessarily punishing us, He’s trying to help us.

But why doesn’t God intervene? If He’s all-powerful and can do anything, then why not step in and help us out? Well, He is! God has done so much to try to save us; from sending His only son to preach His Word, to giving us the Holy Bible to read! Its exactly what I said before, with privilege, comes responsibility. We had the privilege, didn’t own up to the responsibility and now God’s just trying to help us through the pain the only way He can; love.

So know that God doesn’t want us to hurt, in fact, our suffering, brings Him suffering. But we have to have faith that in the bigger picture God knows why things happen, and that some good is going to come from it. After all, God builds with broken bricks.

Here are some verses to think on as well:

Psalm 71:20-21
Though you have made me see troubles, many
and bitter, you will restore my life again; from the depths of the earth you
will again bring me up. You will increase my honor and comfort me once again.

Matthew 11:25-30
Come to me, all you who are weary and
burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for
I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my
yoke is easy and my burden is light.

This is dedicated to the memory of my beloved Uncle Gary Gilbert Tracy who died recently.


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  1. I know how it hurts to lose someone important to you. This is really good Jessa!

  2. Amazing article Jessa
    I agree entirely with you

  3. i love how you said “God builds with broken bricks”. In a way, that’s better, because God knows exactly which bricks fit together to work. and God is the mortar that fills in the cracks.

  4. wow that is an amazing article, i can relate to everything you are going through. it is true that God makes everything work out, for there is a much bigger picture. it is sad to know that people blame God for everything, when God is always there, and wants to caring us though our troubles.

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