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The Gift of a Lifetime

When you close your eyes and picture paradise what do you see? Do you see crystal blue water coming onto a white, sandy beach? Do you see a rain forest with vibrant flowers? Or maybe a flower filled field on a summer day? Our life is the most extraordinary thing. There’s beauty all around us.

We have been given the gift of a lifetime

When you think of that phrase, you might think of “My first car or my first house” as the gift of a lifetime. Yes those are gifts, but not of a lifetime. A  lifetime is the time we get to spend here on earth. The time we spend holding our hands up to God and praising him. God gave us our own lives and set us free to do as we please. Shouldn’t we be grateful that he even gave us our life? He made plans for you before you were even alive. God has filled the world with his majesty and gave us everything we have.

The world is ours to live on and to care for, but we’ve mistreated it. We treat our world as a dump to dispose all of our waste on. That’s not fair to God. He has given us so much and yet we have pushed him away!  How would you feel if you gave someone a gift you poured your heart and soul into, you carefully crafted it to suit someone perfectly, and they spat at your gift and tossed it back at you. Wouldn’t you feel angry, betrayedheart-broken? God is a loving and merciful God, so he doesn’t feel those emotions. He does his best for us, the least we could do is treat our world with respect. No matter what sin you make, God will always love you.

As humans we punish others for the severity of a crime. If a four-year old hit his sister, we wouldn’t send him to jail. God treats all sins the same. Even if you have beaten someone or scared someones life, God will forgive you for it. No matter what you have done against him. Our lifetime is so precious, so fragile. We only get one chance to live and live right. If we waste our lives fighting God and throwing away his gifts, we won’t live a good life.

We need to explore the works of God’s world and glorify it in his name. Instead of sitting at home and going on Facebook, go out and experience what life has to offer. Go hiking in Brazil or run a marathon with a friend by your side. We need to live to the fullest, we have not been given a gift of a  lifetime, but the gift of having a lifetime.


About Erin F

Now in university I am on a clear route to traversing the waves and mountains of knowledge before me. My active pursuit to understand purpose alongside religion is now in progress.

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  1. Your right. We should live life to the fullest! You only live once. Beautiful Erin!

  2. We only have one life and its short, we can either sit and pout about things or we can live it to the fullest and experience the precious thing God gave us. That’s amazing Erin!

  3. Yeah, we have LITERALLY been given the gift of a lifetime. (:

  4. What book are you making Erin?

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