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The S.W.A.T. of Heaven

So why is it that if God can control everything, he doesn’t control us? Why doesn’t God stop us from picking up that cigarette or grabbing that bottle of wine from our “friend’s” hand?


When you really take a look at this -and not a look with your eyes- you can piece this together on your own. If you were a commoner in a village and your King or Queen was very strict and never let you do anything you wanted to do and kept you in a little room away from all of society would you like that King or Queen? My guess is no, it’s part of the human nature to want to be free, to be capable of making our own decisions and not having someone of a higher power make them for us. God wants to let us spread our own wings and learn to fly. You can get the inside cheat-sheet on flying if you turn to God for help. God is always there for us, even when it feels like we’ve lost everything. So how are we supposed to show God the same unconditional love he shows us?

Think of our relationship with God as a person shopping for clothes (this is the feminine side of the article). Our relationship with God is equivalent to the person shopping for clothes. Now we can say that we are Christians by going to church, but are we really? If going to church is a cute little handbag, then that handbag can’t really describe who we are. We can go through the motions, singing worship songs, go to youth, read the bible, these are all the “accessories” of being a Christian. What the person is wearing doesn’t define the person completely. You can put on a False Identity, but who you are on the inside is what matters. We must devote our hearts to God, be willing to lay our life down in the name of Jesus Christ. So that person may be wearing all the “Christian Accessories”, but if on the inside they truly despise what they have on, so If we really don’t follow through with God’s plan for us and devote our heart, soul and mind to him, then who really benefits? Everything that person has on doesn’t really matter anymore.

When we can give our lives over to Jesus, things become so much easier! Now I’m absolutely sure that if you’re reading this article, there has been some point in your life where you didn’t want to do something because you were too lazy to do it. We can waste our time trying to fight off bullying, drugs and alcohol, or we can believe in God’s amazing power and let him protect us. There is no place warmer, softer and loving than in God’s arms (my apologizes to your favorite teddy bear) As Christian rapper Nii G says,

God’s got 9 and 10ft angels that have biceps the size of your head with the power to destroy the earth.

Those are some pretty sick angels! They are the S.W.A.T. of heaven. Imagine those guys standing outside your house! You don’t need to be afraid of bullies or anything like that because God is always watching out for you. You are special to God. He has an entire universe to run and he still makes time for you! It’s because he loves us that he gave his only son to die for us. So when you think you don’t have time to talk to the kid nobody talks to, think of all the things God has to do and yet he still makes time for you. It’s because he loves us that we are here on earth. So say a prayer and thank God for this amazing world and amazing life

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Now in university I am on a clear route to traversing the waves and mountains of knowledge before me. My active pursuit to understand purpose alongside religion is now in progress.

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  1. the very answer to “why does God allow evil…”

    nice article!

  2. I love the article. Nice work Erin

  3. Yeah. If you are just going through the motions, and are acting like a “good” Christian, but hate yourself, you might as well be wearing dirty, ripped tie-dyed thrift shop clothes from the 30’s. If God didnt give us free will, would we truly want Him or yearn for His love? im guessing no. He doesnt push Himself on us. He waits for our invitation. Then he sends his angels and says, “That’s my child down there-make sure you protect them and their family.”

  4. “Dude, those [angels] can benchpress the entire planet!” -Nii G

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