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The Ugly Duckling

I know that at some point in a person’s life, we ask ourselves “Why am I not pretty”“Why is she so beautiful and I am not?” or “Why do I have to be ugly?”.

So why does God make some people ugly or not as appealing?

It may be that some people are more appealing than others; I personally don’t think that God looks at you and says “your Ugly, You aren’t my child, I don’t love you.” In God’s eyes he created us all beautiful in our own ways. Whether it is our personality, our humor or our kindness;  we are all gorgeous. We are perfect in our imperfections.  He created you so that you can grow to be beautiful on the inside.  The Bible speaks of Jesus just being a plain and ordinary man. His own people did not look beyond the outer appearance to see His inner beauty and holiness.To some people the most beautiful things are in what you say, and do to help those who need it…

In the story the Ugly Duckling, the ugly duckling was obviously physically different.  He was made fun of because he was not the same as the rest, but he soon grew up to be a beautiful swan.  He had a stronger sense of himself, and was able to empathesize with the differences of others.  Perhaps more tolerance as well.

Metaphorically, we are all an ugly duckling, but when we put our trust in God and we grow with a big heart we can change the world. We should love ourselves the way we are. If we are prettier on the inside we have so much more to make a difference with. What can you really do to make a big difference with superficial beauty? If we are kind in our core, we can help others, for example, friends suffering through their parents divorce, or hard times with family. If fewer people cared about how they looked, the worldcould potentially be a better place by turning their focus inward, or on others that need the attention.

I know people that struggle with thinking they aren’t pretty and struggle deeply with it some days; sometimes myself included.  In my point of view, they are gorgeous shining stars that light up me and other people’s days with their caring and humorous nature.  She is not in a christian family, but she is the kindest person I know because she is herself and doesn’t care what others think. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. God sees everybody as beautiful.

Instead of asking yourself why you are not more beautiful on the outside, you should be asking yourself what you can change on the inside to make yourself more beautiful.   Next time you stand in front of the mirror to put on lip gloss or to fix your hair, look at your heart and think of how you could help to make someone elses day better.  Everybody is beautiful, just like the Ugly duckling. God loves everybody no matter the size or beauty.


1 Samuel 16:7 – “The Lord does not look at the things man looks at. Man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart.”


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  1. i love the tie-in with the Ugly Duckling story. 🙂

  2. if everyone stopped caring about their looks, there would be less anorexic, balemic, people, and less insecure people. we would help each other. how less catty would some people be if looks didnt matter. which they dont. i know i sometimes think i look ugly. then i remeber that God has never nor will he ever look on the outside and say,”you’re pretty or you’re ugly. you can come to heaven. that’s not how it works

  3. I like the fact how God made us unique and i think the reason that some people are ugly is because God can see through the image that many people can’t …

    Don’t Judge a book by it’s cover

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