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Where are we?

In today’s world many ask the same questions over and over. Everyday we ask questions whether it is about religion or not. In the Bible, it talks about how we should do everything for the glory of God.

Where is God?

God is everywhere all the time since the beginning and till the end of time. At times it seems we can’t feel his presence that he isn’t there to lean on; but he NEVER leaves. We are temporary, everyone is temporary except for God for he is eternal. Sadly we hold onto earthly possessions (they are temporary as well) and we are to learn to let go of them for we won’t always have them for when we ascend to Heaven’s Alter they won’t matter. In order to fulfill what God wants us to do we are to give everything to God. When Jesus came to earth and chose His disciples he asked all of them if they would give up all of there possessions to follow Him, and they did. We are His followers and are asked to do the same. God created us for a purpose; all are different and unique but they all are truely the same. We are to serve one another. God is present all the time and He can be our guide. At times he might step back and let you do what your doing but he is still there. When things get rough and we feel we can’t get through the day God gives us strength to keep going. Pain is in the night, and joy in the morning for the sun brings a new day.

Where are the miracles?

During Jesus’ time extreme miracles happened. He healed the sick, He walked on water, turned water to wine,  reviving the dead, feed 5000 people with a little bit of fish and bread and after the people had their fill the baskets had more than what they started with, and more. Not only did Jesus preform miracles but so did His disciples. Back then many had a strong faith in Jesus. Over the years Christians have become more focused onto the laws and into a somewhat complicated religion. Jesus was the most non-religious man and people thought what He was doing was a crime; but all He was doing was living the way God intended us to live. We are to follow God and truly except Him as our well… God.

Which church is RIGHT?

Over the years conflict has risen about which is right? There are 4 main religions Christianity (Catholic,Protestantism, Eastern Christianity (Eastern Orthodoxy,Oriental Orthodoxy,and the Church of the East)) , Islam, Buddhism(Theravada Buddhism and Vajrayana Buddhism) and Hinduism –which are in the Indian religion and there are many! There are many more religions that are not  part of the 4 religions like Judaism, Samaritanism (which is mainly in Isreal and the West Bank), Jainism (primarially taught in Parsva and Mahavira–ancient religion), Zoroastrianism, Folk Religion–includes the Folk Religon of Americas (Aztec religion, Inca Religion, and modern Catholic beliefs like the Virgin of Guadalupe), and many others but I will not list them since this would be quite boring. But back to the main point there are 4 main religions. If you’re not sure what Buddhism is, it is a religion where life is filled with suffering caused by desire and the only way to end it is through enlightenment by ending the sequence of births and deaths. Hinduism is philosophical beliefs and cultural practices  within India and on a caste system; based on reincarnation and a god who has many forms and natures opposing theories of one eternal truth. I’m assuming that you already know what being Catholic is all about and Protestant since most are either but yes some are Buddhists and Hindu’s (sorry if I spelled that wrong) and there are others too. Personally I think Protestant is right but there are many truths to other religions as well. When you narrow it down there isn’t really a RIGHT religion. Most come down to ONE God. Also the truths of religions all fit into the Holy Bible in a certain way. Like in Buddhism, throughout life we deal with suffering which all come from our own human desires BUT with God (Buddhists don’t believe in a god they believe that people created the idea of a god to comfort themselves) , He can release us from our suffering (in other words we don’t have to end the existence of human kind). Catholics look towards the Bible but of course during the Renassaince part of the Church broke apart forming the Protestants who also look towards the Bible but disagreed about what the Catholic church was doing.

When looked at all the different types of religions, it all comes back to the only place with the truth- the Holy Bible.

Four largest religions Adherents  % of world population Article[circular reference]
World population 6.96 billion[21] Figures taken from individual articles:
Christianity 2.1 billion – 2.2 billion 33% – 34% Christianity by country
Islam 1.5 billion – 1.6 billion[22] 22% – 23% Islam by country
Buddhism 500 million – 1.9 billion[23] 7% – 29%[23] Buddhism by country
Hinduism 1.0 billion – 1.1 billion 15.2% – 16.2% Hinduism by country
Total 5.1 billion – 6.8 billion[23] 77% – 99%[23]

 This chart is off of http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Religion .

What does it take?

Many years ago God sent His only Son who came to Earth to die on the cross so that we could go to Heaven. The blood of Jesus was the price to pay for us to be forgiven for our sins. It doesn’t matter what laws we broke and how many times we broke them we all brake them in our life and it isn’t hard nor is it hard for us to do it again. You could be a pastor sitting beside a murder on the judgment block it doesn’t matter if you told a lie and they killed someone they are both sins and is seen to be equal in the eyes of the Lord. We can say we are Christians but are we followers? We can ask the Lord to forgive our sins and He will but we know we are going to sin the next day and the day after. Do we even try to not repeat our actions? We say we are Christians, followers of Christ; Jesus has set an example of how we are to live, to serve. And we serve but since we are human we can’t follow all our laws our Master commands for we will always sin. Although we will always sin we do have the ability to choose whether or not to do the sin or not; to resist temptation was easy for Jesus but for us it isn’t but we can do all things through God. God can grant us our desires of our heart, our true desires the one that will make ourselves complete and content. Yes, Satan can fill the desires of your heart but only the earthly desires that contains sin and he will never be able to fill the void. God has paid the price for our priceless souls. We will always have the option to choose God we just have to make the decision.

Should we have a simple or fancy religion?

 In the Bible Jesus was the most unreligious man and studies have shown that if Jesus was to come during this age He still would not be accepted in society . Over the years we have turned a simple religion into a fancy one. If you have a fancy religion, no  offense intended. In the Bible we have been given the simplest rules and guidance but when we decipher them we create them into something complicated and what God never intended them to be. When Jesus came to Earth He followed the rules God made and how we were to live (I know I’ve said this many times in this article) and the people didn’t like how He was because He didn’t follow the commands how they thought they were to be.  

Today we try to attract non Christians by becoming more involved with technology with fancy lighting and sound. Although the additions are great, but have we crossed the line? We’ve tried hard to attract the non Christians that during the services is it actually focusing on God or having it turn into a show? The Christians who came to God by wanting a real relationship with Him not by wanting to hear just some music; can’t actually focus on God unless the main thing is  focusing on Him. We can still have awesome lighting and great sound but still have the focus on Him.

Why God?

 We all ask this question in our lives but do we find the answer? There are many reasons about why we need God. One is  obvious, we are nothing without Him. Another that I personally find the answer to this question is; we all need someone to look up to and rely on someone who we might call ‘Superman’ . Someone to comfort us and give us strength, to give us hope and perserverence. If it turned out that there was no such thing as a Supreme Being (which I find highly unlikely) I know I probably wouldn’t made it as far as I have in my life. We all have our own answer to this question and we learn it as we go along in life and the more years we live the more of an explanation we have to further our answer.

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  1. Nice article. I’ve been thinking recently about many of the things you mentioned. Thanks.

  2. This is really cool! I liked the part about simplicity — we should have faith like a child, always trusting, and not overly complecated.

  3. I tried to expand on all of the aspects of the questions I mentioned; I know we all ask these questions its just a matter of trying to find answers and how to respond.

  4. sometimes i think we hide behind fancy stuff. God is our superman, and we are all the (no offense boys) helpless girls who cry out as we fall to our death. then He swoops in and sets her on solid ground. at the end of the movie, we all know that she’s gonna get captured and almost die again. and he’s gonna save her. again. but we need God. The real God. Faith is simple. Yes. there is One God. but i think we need to be loving to ALL people. yes. all. if we are to show Christ’s love to non-christians, we can’t do that if we’re fake and all up in their face. if we’re pushing the Bible on others they’re just gonna run away. bcuz they’re not gonna want to believe in a God who pushes us. that’s why He never pushes us

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