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Driving Our Lives

Last night I was reading my book called “The Purpose Driven Life”, written by Rick Warren. I took note on one particular chapter which was chapter 3 what drives your life? In the chapter it listed 5 main points that drive peoples lives:

  1. People driven by guilt ( when we hang onto our past and let in manipulate our lives, “we are products of our past, not prisoners of it.” )
  2. People driven by anger ( when we remain hurt from what others have done to us in the past, “resentment always hurts you more than the person who hurt you.”)
  3. People driven by fear ( fears that have developed due to traumatic experiences-Car accident, family member’s death-unrealistic expectations, growing up in a high-control home. People who are too afraid to venture out into the world fall into this category)
  4. People driven by materialism ( The desire to acquire more and set up a good life here on earth rather than thinking of life in eternity with God)
  5. People driven by the need for approval ( Allowing family members, teachers or friends to control our lives by setting their expectations)

These are the main points focused in this chapter. It got me thinking, what drives my life? Well the honest answer is materialism. It also happens to be the most common answer. How many of us focus on setting up our lives, getting a job, making lots of money and buying lots of expensive things. We focus our lives so much on making a living on earth, that we pay no attention to when we are living in eternity. On average, humans live about 70 years. In eternity we live an eternal life with God. So why don’t we start giving the correct answer which is devoting my life to Jesus Christ and glorifying him no matter what the cost. So many people have stared Satan in the eyes and proven that God means more to them than their own life. They have been beaten and tortured all because they are open about their love for Jesus. If they can do it, so can we. We can sacrifice our lives on earth, in exchange for eternity in heaven. To me it seems like a fair trade.

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Now in university I am on a clear route to traversing the waves and mountains of knowledge before me. My active pursuit to understand purpose alongside religion is now in progress.

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  1. Isn’t “The Purpose Driven Life” what Mr. Reynolds read for devotions in the morning? I didn’t really listen to him to be truthfully honest but when you write it out in plain speach and not going on for 5 minutes I get it and makes alot of sense. We’re driven by 5 main things; and most of them evolve around our past and the people around us. Plenty try and achieve something because someone done wrong or someone who they care about wants you to be something and achieve valuables that most mean nothing. I know I fall into the fifth catagory.

  2. I think everyone is influenced by all of them at some point in their life. we just have to make sure that it doesn’t control who we are and every part of our lives. “this is your life. are you who you want to be?” -Switchfoot. Are you living under those influeces, or the influence of God and your friends-good. Good friends will never ask you to change. So why do we stray? As usual, i have very good questions, but uh…no answers.

  3. So true. Life is so much more than what we make it.

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