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If Heaven Didn’t Exist

A while back (in October), i was at a youth retreat with the Heartland youth and young adult ministry. During the Saturday we were all split up into three different “workshops.” I was in the girls workshop. There we made paper hearts to put whatever we wanted in them. After we were able to ask questions. My sister Rae-Lee asked a very hard, deep question. She asked, “If heaven didn’t exist would people still be Christians?”

If you think about it, would you be a christian if there was no after life. Once you die that’s it, nothing else happens. The women there who were answering the questions said that they would because to them it’s not about going to Heaven it’s about a relationship with Christ. maybe it is to them now, but would they become a Christian if God promised no paradise after. I don’t think so. As much as everybody hates to admit it, I think no one would be Christian if we had no Heaven.

When ministering to people we always say that if they accept Christ as their Lord and Savior they will inherit eternal life. Usually at the start of our Christian faith we think about what Heavens going to be like and we don’t want to go to Hell. As we progress in our Christian faith is usually when we start to think much deeper as to minister to people in the middle-east. It’s hard to admit but it’s true. Imagine ministering to people and the conversation going like this:

“If you accept Christ as Lord and Savior then you will have a relationship with Him while your on Earth!”

“What about when we die.”

“Then you die.”

“My god  promises paradise forever when I die.”

“That doesn’t exist. There is no after life. God says so in the Bible.”

What would even be the point. would you’d Spend your whole life teaching people about God even though nothing happens after?? It’s such a hard topic to think about. Not gonna lie, i don’t think I’d be a christian if there was no after life with Jesus and all i got was a relationship with a guy i never seen and never will see. And having a different religion wouldn’t matter because there would be no hell either so they wouldn’t go anywhere when they died. If their was no afterlife for anybody then really there wouldn’t even bea point as to be a christian. Or even muslim an buddism would be pointless. Much of what Jesus preached to us in the new testiment about going out to all 4 corners of the Earth and spreading Gods word would be pointless. It’s hard for me to word this in a why everyone can understand, but I feel that this subject is a very sensitive subject and it considers a long time thinking/praying about it.




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  1. I don’t think any or many would be a Christian if there isn’t an afterlife. I don’t think I would either.

  2. Wow, this was really well written! I do disagree a little though, because I do believe some people would still follow God. What about the people in the old testament, there was no promise of an afterlife, but they still followed him. To me this helps prove that its true, with no afterlife and no real reward, those people would REALLY have to believe it was the truth. But yes, alot of people wouldn’t follow God, (probably myself included) and it would be hard to spread Gods message.

  3. i never really thought about the old testimate people. But that might be because of the confusion of that in grade 5 when Mr. Wikens said there was two heavens. one for people in the old testimate and one for the people after Christ’s birth. Although that doesn’t make any sense what soever. and wouldn’t that mean that there’s two hells as well??

  4. if there was no heaven i dont think that this would be a world of belief systems. just fighting, because nobody would have direction. God does all things for a purpose and obviously heaven is one of them.

  5. Go the Gate!!!! (: (Heartland youth and young adult ministry)

  6. I would totally still be a Christian if there was no Heaven. I mean, I wouldn’t be able to make it through life without God. God is there holding me up. I think of Heaven as a bonus almost.

  7. I’m not a christian because I’m scared of death, I’m a Christian because I want to live.

  8. I think that you need to have a really personal relationship with God to really understand why you’re a christian. If you’re only doing it to live forever… why Christianity? you could pick ANYTHING. Being a christian isn’t about not dying, it’s about living. We were created to be with God, so we cannot properly live without him. There is a part of our being missing from us. Once you accept Jesus, the gap is filled and we are healed and whole. Isn’t that what we preach?

  9. i wonder if there would be the same religions we have today if there was no afterlife? but God promises that we will be reuinted with Him in heaven. but what if? that is a very hard question. , but then we think about how much we rely on Him everyday. he awaits us in Heaven, and guides us here on earth.

  10. But, if all your relationship with Jesus is about is a ticket to heaven, do you really have faith?

  11. But you kind of have to think really about it, it’s not about a ticket to heaven but really a matter of is there God; I believe in Him for so many reasons and I bet others do too. It’s just that if there was no heaven and that this is all that we have then why not make the most of it. And if there was no heaven then the Bible would have lies in it, and if there was no heaven then what else could of been a lie; it’s a matter of trusting and trying to think not with only brain but with your heart.

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