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Of Life and Tightropes


Frankly those freak me out. And i’m not even sure if they exist anymore… but anyways, there’s tightropes at circuses. I’ve always wanted to walk on one of those but i get scared even watching people on them. Because i’m afraid they’ll fall off and hurt themselves. But i still find it amazing-the rush of adrenaline and the excitement that must come with walking so high up, on only a thin rope.

What if it breaks? What if I lose my balance?

As the saying goes, no pain no gain. The feeling of raw energy and freedom has to come at a price. Take america, for instance. They gained their freedom by fighting for it. Even now, Christians face persecution all the time. But they face it joyfully because of the reward-heaven.

So, what risks do “normal” Christians take? The ones living in rich countries, with supermodel clothing and fancy cars. The ones who go to church every Sunday and say 1 minute prayers every evening.

Dear God, thank you for my family and friends. Please help my life to get better and heal me from cancer. And help this guy to like me…(or) help my marriage not to fall apart. And bless my life. Amen.

Really? You think God’s gonna help you? You think your bland Christianity is gonna get you places?

“I don’t have time… i’ll do it tomorrow.”

Yeah, that’s what i say when i tell myself to clean my room. Teens, you know what I’m talking about. It never gets done.

So then why do we expect our dreams to come true if we don’t do anything for them? If we don’t take risks?

You’re life’s not gonna get any more exciting if you keep focusing on the pain and ignoring what you want to do. Push through the pain. Love others. Do what you wanna do. Really live. People are gonna make fun of you. People are gonna laugh. Some people will even leave your life. But at your funeral Noone’s gonna say “he/she was a great person because  he/she was afraid of living life and never took risks. They never experienced pain either.I really want to be like that.”

No. No, no, no, no, no, NO! It’s okay-no great person got great without failing. The greater they are, the more times they messed up. Face planted. But you think they gave up? Did they go back to square one? No way! They took risks. So love deeply. Follow your dreams. And ask Jesus for your destiny, because he’s the only one who knows it. God put risky situations in your life for a purpose. To overcome the pain and fall into his deep sheltering arms.

Living vs. Living. 

Breathing vs. Inhaling.

Caring vs. Loving.

Pain vs. Greatness.

Which one?

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