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Heaven on Earth

In the Lord’s prayer, it says, “Our Father who art in heaven, hallowed be thy name. Thy kingdom come, they will be done, on earth as it is in heaven.”

That last sentence is what I want to focus on right now.  If it says that God’s will be done on earth as it is in heaven, then that means all of our worship and praise, our love for people and our heart for God should be the same as it will be in heaven.  Many people long for the worship in heaven, when it can be the same here.  We just have to devote our lives to making earth as much like Heaven as we can.  This is not an easy task, but in this way, we can give our everything to God and trust Him.

One thing we can do to draw closer to God here on Earth, is to lay our crowns at His feet.  This means that we have to humble ourselves before God and show our submission to Him- His will before ours.  Would you do this in Heaven?  Most people would say yes, but what would you say if I asked you, would you do it here on Earth? It’s a challenging question that is hard to answer.  Unfortunately being a follower of God is not easy and in order to love Him more than anything in our lives, we have to trust in Him and lay our idols and the things we worship, at His feet. Everybody worships something, because it is how we’re made.  What do you worship? What is something that you need to give up to God?  Trusting God is hard, but is so powerful and through God, we can experience love like we’ve never none and can be transformed by it.

There are moments when it feels like the only thing that’s separating Earth from Heaven is a thin veil, and the missions we do and the praises we sing are so close to what it would be in heaven, we can almost imagine it all.  This is what we should try to strive for, for moments like these when God’s power and holiness surrounds us, and His love sweeps over us in waves.  The worship we long for in heaven can be the same on Earth, even if it starts in a simpler way.

About Melissa

Hi! My name is Melissa and there are many things that I enjoy- what a coincidence! These things are soccer, singing and dancing...... and many other things!! I have a brother, who's favorite thing is to test my patience, and a sister who I can't say anything bad about! I have three cats- Misty, Aubrey and Kaui (said Cowie)! No we did not name him that ...and he does not act like a cow, even though he probably weighs the same amount as one! What I love to do most is musical theatre and to perform. I also love horses and food! :) I love writing and working with kids, and watching old movies. One of my dreams is to go do mission work, and to bless other people, as well as develop an amazing relationship with God. I look forward to forming relationships with many of the people on this site, and to share my faith with other believers. Hopefully I'll be able to inspire and be inspired by this site.

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