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Cars, Boats and Helicopters

My dad told me this story once that I’ve been thinking about a lot. It goes like this:

A God-fearing man was in grave danger. His neighbourhood was in danger of flooding but still he didn’t fear. He prayed to God and was certain that God would save him. As the rain started falling some of his neighbours came by and asked if he wanted a ride out in their car to safety. He replied saying “No, no but thank you anyways. My Lord will save me.

The water started coming down the road and was flowing into his basement. Still he didn’t fear because he was convinced that God was going to save him. The water was now so high that people from the neighbouring town boated over and asked the man if he wanted a ride in their boat to safety. He replied saying “No, no but thank you anyways. My Lord and Saviour will save me”

Now trapped on his roof because the water had risen up to the roof in his home, he was confident that God was going to save him. He looked up and saw a helicopter coming in the distance. When they saw the man they lowered a ladder and motioned for him to come into the helicopter. Still he replied saying “No, no but thank you anyways. My Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ will save me”

Eventually the flood rose so high that the man drowned. Luckily he was a devout Christian and was taken into heaven. The man was quite confused because he had been certain that God would save him. He looked up to God and said “My Lord, I thought you were going to save me. I trusted you and you didn’t follow through”

God replied “My son, I did try to save you, I sent you a car, boat and helicopter but still you refused.”


We’re all given gifts, there might be a lot of them or there may be a few of them but all of us are blessed with something that sets us apart. We can either waste these talents and blessings and hide them or we can use them. The man in the story had so many opportunities but wasted them because he was waiting for a grand sign from Heaven that he would be okay. That’s not the way it always happens, sometimes God speaks in your ear but sometimes He speaks through opportunity.

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  1. i love this… needed this! thanks vic for the reminder!

  2. this is a great example of how God sends us lots of little sign but we don’t take them

  3. That really means a lot to me because sometimes I look back and realize God had sent me Cars , Boats and Helicopters

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