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The Sound of Worship

Worship is an important thing when it comes to life; it keeps us connected with God. My form of worship is music.

Music has always been one of my greatest interests. I have been playing music since grade one, and have enjoyed it greatly. My brother and I used to fool around with our piano, just because it was fun. As I got older music started to become more of a serious thing in my life. At the moment I am in both high school and junior high band, and next year I hope to be getting into jazz band as well.

As I got older music also became one of the ways I connect to God. I love music because that is what God has placed within me, the yearning for him and him alone, and music is one way to get closer to God for me. Whenever I hear or play some great music, I get this chill running down my spine and I know I am in God’s presence. When ever I am in God’s presence I feel joyful and at peace.

Different people react to worship in different ways. I, for one, don’t like to sing. I would rather worship God through my instrument than my voice. Some people like to sing. What we need to do is find out how we connect to God and do that more. That is why I am so involved in music, not just because I love it, but also so I can be with God.

The Lord has blessed me with this set of amazing gifts and I intend to use them in his name. God put all of us here for a reason, and my reason is music.

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