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Update by Kate

The registration thingy isn’t working so Kate’s using my account for the time being. Hi Mom, hi Dad, hi Tim! -Vic

Hey everyone thanks for all the prayers it has been an amazing week. This evening I had a major “God Moment”. I have wanted to get baptized for quite awhile and this evening I felt God saying “You should be baptized” I have never felt more vunerable with myself God and others. I also have never felt so broken. Tomorrow is church on the beach and Shaun is a pastor isn’t God funny? I felt scared for some reason and I don’t know why Moen and Shaun are awesome. I have been sharing for 30 min in excitement/ far/God. So it would be very helpful if someone could tell my parents to text/e-mail Shaun or Moen.
Thanks in Christ Kate
Does anyone else get hungry after God moments?!

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  1. Kate – we are so happy for ya! Thanks for the heads up here as well

    I’m not sure how often prayer requests show up on the reply side here, but we’ve got one… LA monday morning can be brutal – a decent morning in traffic for us would certainly be a blessing!

    Part of baptism is a public statement … Not sure how much more public you could make this… So we are praying that this morning will be a witness to Christ for all who have eyes to see.

    God bless ya, see ya soon!

    Mom, dad and Ris

  2. Kate, this is awesome news! Prayers for God to continue to shine through you. God is good …
    Donna Z

  3. YEA Kate – YEA GOD!!! So happy to hear this great news.

    May God continue to bless and keep y’all in the palm of His great and mighty hand. HE is GOOD….
    Donna Z

  4. YEA Kate – YEA GOD!!! So happy to hear this great news.

    May God continue to bless and keep y’all in the palm of His great and mighty hand. HE is GOOD….
    Donna Z

  5. Loved watching the video of your baptism Kate.

  6. So excited to hear about your baptism & following God’s prompting! Super cool your family could be there to- I’m assuming they made it!? 🙂 I’d love to see the video. Stephs dad was baptised in the ocean to- you can ask her about that. Your whole team has been on our hearts and in our prayers. Steph i hope you enjoyed Midnight Mission, I know you were looking forward to it! Hope you your leg is holding out to 😉 Can’t wait to hear all the stories!

  7. Congratulations on your baptism Kate. It is always an amazing feeling when we are obedient to God’s calling in our life. So glad you were bold in your decision to take this step of obedience.

  8. Is the video of the Baptism on here? I cant seem to find it!
    Way to follow Gods calling Kate!

    • Susanne and I are visiting with my parents and family (Renae) in Southern California and we were able to make it over there in time. The video referenced is on Susanne’s phone. I’m not sure if any of the team members there did one as well or not… To all the parents – the team is doing great!!

  9. Thanks Scott, good to hear! Glad you could make it there to see it 🙂

  10. Hi Kate, I posted a comment last night that hasn’t seemed to pass security…so the short version is we were so excited to hear about your baptism &cant wait to see the video! And hi to Steph, you are always in our thoughts 🙂

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