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The Rooftop

Tomorrow night, we’ll be home a week from LA.

It feels like forever since DC but also no time at all. Gosh, I can’t even explain what this week has been like.

I’ve had a really hard time paying attention in class. In math I’ve been learning about different types of lines and in some deep recess of my mind I know that it may be important to listen but it sure doesn’t feel important. The rest of my classes are more or less the same. My notebook is filled with pictures and doodles where there should’ve been notes or equations or whatever else they tell me to write.

For the first couple of days it was incredibly hard to talk to people outside of missions because all I wanted to do was talk about murder card or sing Experience Regina but I know nobody would know what I’m talking about or care for that matter. That’s the thing, you just had this life-altering experience and nobody cares. It’s just another return of another SCA missions team from another foreign land. Nothing special.

I miss everybody so much. I see them every day but it’s not really the same.

Today I was sitting in Boston pizza with my family and something reminded me of the rooftop at URM. I remember Keilah and I walked to the edge of the roof and looked down at skid row for what seemed like forever. For a moment everything seemed right. All those people, that community seemed to move in a way I’ve never seen before. I’m just hoping to find that kind of community back here.

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  1. this is perfect Vic.

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