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The Baby Story

One of the things that I struggle with the most is self-esteem. The major thing in my life that has made me very aware of what I do is my family but, particularly with my parents and older sister. Why? Well, because my parents are always pushing me to be the best that I can be and sometimes it just feels as though I am never good enough to accomplish the things I want to.

Often times it feel as if I am never making any progress.

Then I remember the baby story. Let me share this with you.

There was a baby still  in her mom’s womb. Her parents were told that they should get an abortion because parts of her brain weren’t developing quite like they should. Everything would be a struggle. Especially the part of the brain that controls reading, writing and language in general. Even if they had the baby was to be born, it would be a huge financial cost to get her the extra help to make her somewhat normal. There were only burdens that would come with this child. The family had already had three kids that were quite a handful.

It didn’t matter, because the parents loved her so much. It didn’t matter that she had trouble learning, and even talking, because she was their daughter. She was one of their children. She grew into a toddler and had to do all these different programs with speech therapy and a whole bunch of other stuff. It took a lot of hard work and eventually she began to talk. And then read. And then write.

So every time you feel down on your self remember the baby story.

There was this child whom all the doctors told the parents, “this child is no good”, but became someone so much more than anyone could hope for. She had a supporting family of her two older sisters, brother and parents. That’s me, that story, I am that baby. Not very many people know that about me because I feel as if they think I have disabilities or something. But, that’s wrong. I am not defined by my failures and downfalls. When I am at the lowest of the low and the darkest I have ever been; where the heartache seems overpowering, you have to remember your father. Not your father on earth, but the one in heaven.

You are so loved by a loving father in heaven. He saved you when you couldn’t save yourself. He loves you when you betray and stray from him. This God, the creator, has a plan for you. THE GOD OF ALL THE UNIVERSE HAS A PLAN FOR YOU! He made you for a purpose, you are made exactly how you were suppose to be made. There were no flaws and imperfection unnoticed. And no strengths and gifts were accidental. I can’t express how cool that the star breathing, all loving, all knowing, grace giving, King of everything knows you. He made you. He knows your thoughts, goals, insecurities, dreams, your past, present and future. He knows you better than you know you because he made you. There are still things that you don’t know about you yet and he knew them before you were born.

How can a God of such awesomeness love me and still know all my shortcomings and sins? Because we are his children and his creations. Psalm 139:13 talks about how he knits you together in your mother’s womb and is commonly known and used. What about verse 14. Well, that one is pretty well-known too. It talks about how you are fearfully and wonderfully made. Okay, okay, what about fifteen and sixteen? Well, it talks about how even though God saw our unformed bodies and he had already planned our whole lives!! I mean, I know I am being a bit repetitive, but it’s just so cool!!! This God loves you so much that he let his own perfect son die for all of us sinners, yet we still turn away from him. Are you ready to surrender your heart and give it to him?

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  1. It’s amazing how God has carried you through your whole life and helped you with your struggles.
    Good story

  2. Alexa! this is such an AMAZING article! It was VERY inspirational!! thank you for sharing this : )

  3. Alexa this was spoke out to me! You’re amazing with words keep going!

  4. Alexa, is this so inspiring. Keep writing!

  5. This legit gave me chills. The connection was so powerful, like, how you wrote it in third person and then said it’s your story. Only when you mentioned your siblings did I suspect it was you.

  6. Very good Alexa i thought this was very inspiring.

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