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Perfectly Plastic

I don’t know if it’s just me, but when I was little, I used to love playing with Barbie dolls. They were so beautiful. Absolutely “perfect” if you will. I always used to say that I was going to look just like barbie when I grew up, and most little girls still believe the same thing. But as much as we think that it’s cute and innocent, aspiring to look “just like barbie” can be quite a harmful thing if those thoughts are left to linger over time.

Maybe at first you wish to wear and own those absolutely glamorous and gorgeous outfits that barbie sports. Or perhaps you desire those seemingly perfect golden locks. But as time progresses, so do your desires to meet the unrealistic standards of barbie’s self image. Before you know it, you’ve been under the knife multiple times in an attempt to achieve the “perfect body”. Flat stomach, flawless skin, toned limbs, gorgeous eyes, large bust, small waist. The list is ongoing, you name it, you revamp it. But plastic surgery is not nearly the worst of it. Some turn to wild extremes. Crazy workouts and vigorous diets which can eventually lead to serious eating disorders, such as………. Anorexia (a disorder where the victim creates indecent food restrictions, often to the point of eating nothing at all. Has an irrational fear of weight gain) Bulimia (a disorder where the victim binge eats, then purges it all. has and irrational fear of weight gain). These conditions can be absolutely detrimental to your health. In fact, if you allow yourself to continue on that way, the results can be fatal.

Yes it is important to be healthy and make wise choice, but you must know that everybody comes in different shapes and sizes. You were created exactly how God wants you to be. You are his masterpiece. God is so proud of you, so why go along and change his gorgeous work of art? Wouldn’t you feel hurt if you created this gorgeous painting, gave it to a person you cared deeply about, and then they decided that they hated it. The person wiped your panting clean and painted their own. The painting no longer credited you, nor was it a gift. They didn’t see you in it, they could only view their own selfish desires. Just imagine how God feels when you alter “your” body. His masterpiece. He loves you just the way you are. So don’t change a single thing. Nobody is “perfect”. It is virtually impossible to achieve a “perfect” outward appearance. Everyone is different, so how can their be a “perfect” or “normal” self-image? Your inward appearance is far more important. When you look in the mirror, all that you see is the label society has tagged on you, but God views much deeper than that. He judges you not on worldly standards, but on your heart. I don’t know about you, but I would much rather please him rather than society. Don’t listen to society. They are wrong. Dead wrong. YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!!!

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Follower of Christ. He is my rock and my foundation. I believe that I have been called by God to touch people's lives through the ministry of written pieces. Always listen, because Jesus is calling to you too.

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  1. I am almost in tears! That is a very powerful message. I never think about beauty that way. It has really opened my eyes. Thank-you!

    • Awe, thanks so much Kennedy! ya, I guess its hard to realize how dangerous the effects of aspiring for beauty can be, I know that sometimes I ignore the possible effects. But I guess we all need to realize that everyone is beautiful no matter how they look.

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