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What the Church Has Right

I observed the church for a week. I saw enacted before me a vision of the community of believers as it was intended.

People gathered in their weakness. The church does not shy away from mistakes.

People believing even when it seems futile, and being rewarded! God is faithful.

The few who are deeply in love. Almost silent, easy not to notice, but they are the encouragers, the faithful.

The struggling, who are silent but loved deeply.

The leaders whose vision is real, and are patient to see their dreams fulfilled. Inspired by Spirit.

The quiet but adventurous, building the kingdom.

The doubting, who still hold on to small strings of faith.

The passionate dreamers, inspired by the believers around them.

Would we work together to build the kingdom. To press on in love to spread the good message of the gospel. To simply love.

God is good. He works through his people. How humbling, how dangerous, but how wonderful.

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  1. This is exactly what I needed : )

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