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Jesus In the Attic

Think about a box that you keep in your garage or your basement. What’s inside? A set of family photo albums? Stuffed animals you want to hold onto? Nicknacks you didn’t have the heart to get right of but didn’t know what else to do with? Did you stuff it with various items you “might find useful one day”?

How many times in a day have you thought about that box? Maybe you thought about it last month when you said to yourself, “I know it’s in a box somewhere”. But other than that?

If you’re thinking daily about what’s in that box, it probably shouldn’t be in the box in the first place. If you care about what’s inside, you probably don’t want to store it away.

As humans, we don’t hide what we treasure—we display it, share it, use it. Whether we love what we have or who we have in our lives, it’s just what we do.

So why do we box God?

We care about him, right? We love him, right? Then where is he? Reading this blog over your shoulder with his own cup of coffee or waiting for the next time you call on him?

Why do we leave him in the attic until we find him useful one day—until the tears fall; until we lose someone we care about or until lose ourselves? Why don’t we wear God proudly like a new sweater? We’re repeatedly putting him away like that old one your great aunt knit you last winter. Why is that?

In the last couple of months, God has been teaching me to bask in his presence. As someone who’s spent countless nights awake with my anxieties, I understand how important it is to see God as a rock and a tower. However, his presence is so much more than a sort of  ‘home base’.

It’s not fair to involve God only in the tough spots of our lives. Think about everyday relationships you treasure. You don’t go to those people just to ask for help, to fulfill a need of yours or to comfort you.

Sharing your joy with the people you care about is a part of any relationship that we crave. If you got hired for your dream job, picked up your brand new puppy or aced a test you studied like mad for, would you pretend it never happened in front of your friends and family? Of course not! You’d want to tell them what happened and you would hope they would celebrate with you.

God is getting ripped off. We don’t give him the type of attention we give to the people around us. How fair is that?

While doing my devotions one day, God spoke to me saying, “I want to see you smile. I love it when you do.”

God loves it when we smile? Yes, of course he does! So show him that smile of yours, take him to those places that make you happiest, let him read your favourite novel with you, tell him how much you enjoy the warm night wind in the summer the moment it weaves through the strands of your hair.

I’ve made a promise to God. I told him that I would not only share my anxieties with him but I’ll also share my joys.

We should certainly be grateful to him for being present when we need him most but let’s not forget that we need him even when we feel we maybe not.

If God is in the attic right now, climb up there, take him down and involve him in your life. Not only will his presence be another source of joy for you but you’ll also make God happy for he’ll be spending time with his beautiful and precious creation.

I said to Yahweh, “You are my Lord; I have nothing good besides You.”

Psalm 16:2

About Cassia

Cassia is the kind of person who wears jeans and zip-up hoodies in the summer but is stubborn to bring a jacket anywhere in the icy Canadian winters. In her last year of high school she's ready to explore the world ahead of her and hopes to find and express truth, love and Jesus in the conversations she has with people and in the new experiences she hopes to have.

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  1. This is such an amazing message! We sometimes forget God calls us into a deeper relationship with Him, that he even goes as far as calling us friends. Thank you for your encouragement, I needed this 🙂

    “I no longer call you servants, because a servant does not know his master’s business. Instead, I have called you friends, for everything that I learned from my Father I have made known to you.” John 15:15

  2. Right now God is in the box of nicknacks I don’t have the heart to get rid of. Growing up in a Christian home, God has always been a part of my world… but right now He feels almost like a family tradition. I feel as lukewarm as person can possibly be, and we know what He says about that. Advice?

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