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Before We Land…

Hey parent team,

We are settled in at the airport and awaiting our flight time at 2pm.  The kids are in great spirits but are somewhat tired. It’s has been an incredible experience, and you should be so incredibly proud of your kids.

They have served hard, loved deeply and worked consistently from day to night. The consistent response from teams serving beside us was one of amazement at how impressive the kids served and ministered.

So for a parental update, your son or daughter may take a while to mentally and spiritually unpack from the trip. They have many stories and experiences because of how many ministries we able to dive into. We can all certainly appreciate the struggle and victories that they have experienced. From last Friday it has been all go go go. Because our team is very well respected in the Skid Row area We weren’t able to debrief near as much. That’s for the weeks upcoming.

So to best help them and you as mom and dad. As we arrive, it’s difficult to give you proper context because we have experienced something well beyond the normal. The stories will come out, and every step of the way, I am looking forward to partnering with you in the debrief process.

One more thought for you. Thank you for entrusting your kids on this journey. They have been an incredible blessing to the communities around them, and to me. Meaningful conversations from the morning wake-up to the wee hours of the night, it has been an amazingly rich experience.  And if you want to jump in later this month, we have more missional living experiences coming up!

Again thank you and we will see you in a few short hours!

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Most comfortable with people shorter than him, Shaun is able to leap over smaller people, medium-sized playground equipment and little barking dogs in a single bound. He is the proud daddy of a loud daughter named Kaelyn, a surfer kid named Joshua, and a bobblehead boy named Micah. He is married to an incredible teammate named Michelle. As a religious education teacher and Campus Pastor, Shaun desires to build community and discussion within the emerging generations. He is deeply passionate about digging for the 'real', and loves being around people who strive for authenticity. Shaun also happens to think that the phrase "bok choy" is possibly the most hilarious combination of words in the history of humanity.

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  1. Shaun, thank you, thank you, thank you for loving and mentoring our kids. Especially my Depot!! I can’t wait to hear everything she has experienced. You are a gift to all of us!!

    And thanks to your wife and kids for sharing you with our kids;). I hope you are all feeling well again!!

  2. I just wanted to echo what Barb said. Shaun, thank you to you and your team for loving, mentoring and inspiring our team of kids. I am excited to hear all the amazing stories throughout the next few weeks.

  3. I feel the same as Barb and Melanie…..Shaun and team so thankful for all that you and your team have done. The care and love that you have shown the kids is so appreciated from us that stayed back home praying!!!!Thank you so much.

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