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God Time

I struggle with finding time for just God. i say for just God, because He is always with me (thankfully). But time for just him, I find difficult. Maybe because it’s a faith tester time. Maybe because I’m too busy.  I say I’m tired at morning and night and busy during the day — so no God then? Of course not! He’s always with me, doesn’t He deserve even a bit of my time? Besides, without God I’ll crumble.

If you read Nancy’s post “Breathy Deeply”, like I did, you may be thinking, okay. Jesus date. I like it. But how? Like what do I do because Jesus isn’t physical in the normal sense we think of, but we have the Word. We sing the song, “Oh How I love Jesus”, and if you love someone, you spend time with them, right?

Now — when. Whenever you want I guess. With me I struggle because I go to church, I sing songs and that’s my best form of worship. I love God very much and I know He loves me. He speaks in the little things, and in little things I return to him. But am I missing something or doing something wrong? Because I am a sinner I wonder. But I guess since I got God He helps me through. But if you truly love God — I hope others will see it. And I’ve been told that people notice my faith, so I guess I’m doing not to bad. If you’re truly following God you can’t go wrong. But He still would like one-on-one time with you I guarantee. So here’s two suggestions that I will try also. If your too busy and frantic, you can’t concentrate — write it all down in a notebook. Then tear the page out, crumble it and thought away. Turn on some good Christian music to relax you, pray to God and you will start writing in that notebook. Two — next time you go turn on the TV, read a book, draw, sew – for fun and stuff, first spend ten minutes with just God. Who knows you may be there for more than ten minutes.

So why don’t you go try it? Find new ways of worship and strengthen your relationship so much that not only will you know and feel God in little things, but all things and you’ll be excited enough to bust when you get to go on a date with Jesus. You might just be inspired — God can do great things though you. His love is a circle that never ends. I hope you get stuck in that circle.

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Katrina is a young woman who doesn't know exactly what she's doing, or where she's going, but trusting that God will show the way and use her in ways she could never imagine.

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  1. Wow. This is so great. It’s like with music practice, you start by setting aside ten minutes and you find yourself spending twenty.

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