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Joy of Jesus

The other night as I was running on the track, I noticed a big group of people walking towards. I was a little intimidated at they came over. As they got nearer, I noticed that it was a group of people with some special needs. I occasionally see them at the track, so there was a few familiar faces. As I stopped to get a drink, and stretch for a few minutes, they were just about to begin a race. They yelled 3,2,1 and the race was off. As I stood there watching them, my heart was filled with so much joy. Each and everyone of them had the biggest smiles I have ever seen. Their faces lit up, as they pushed themselves down the track. As they finished off, they still had the same smile, and they encouraged everyone so greatly. They would cheer on their friends who were a little slower, and they would all high five and hug after. As I got back onto the track, I started thinking.

Why is it that people are always so negative, and why is it that people can’t find joy in the little things. Now please hear me out on this one. I am not judging anyone; because I am very guilty of it too.

Those people with special needs had such true happiness, and they had so much joy, even though they really don’t have a whole lot. They suffer with so much, yet you would never know, because they look for those little things, and make them huge joys.

What if people began to try and be like that through everything? What if instead of being negative, people found the small things, and really created joy through them? What if people began to find joy through Jesus Christ, and put him in front of negative thoughts and feels? Personally I think that would be so amazing! I know it is a little unrealistic, but I think even working towards it would make our world such a happier place. Because true happiness is becoming quite uncommon.

Next time you feel angry at everything, and angry and everyone, think of those runners at the track. Think of the joy that they had through such a simple thing. Create joy through your despairs, and find happiness through your angers. Don’t overlook the small moments, because someday they will be the big ones.

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