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Open your eyes

Lately I have been wondering about my faith. It seems to be staying in one place. I have been baptized, I love Jesus, I try to be a servant of him… So where do I go from here? What is my next step in faith? Don’t expect any big answers on this one, cause i’ll admit that I am totally in the dark.

The more I think about it, the more it confuses me. I want to grow closer to God. So why can’t he tell me what to do next?




I started writing this article over a month ago, and I just stopped working on it because I had absolutely no idea. And the thought of this topic wrecked me. But now I feel as though I may be starting to grasp this one.

Very recently I was in brazil on a missions trip, and I miss it terribly. I still wake up every morning and feel as though i’m in the hotel room that we stayed in throughout the trip. I’ll hear people say ‘hola’ and it reminds me of all the smily friends that we met. Even the sound of a little kid saying my name reminds me off the little kids that I met in Brazil and became such amazing friends with. I really learnt a lot from that mission trip. I feel like I have a way better understanding on where my next step in faith may be.

One of the most powerful things I discovered on the journey is that God has us right where he wants us. He is guiding our faith and he is ultimately guiding our lives. All that we have to do is give him permission to do so. As much as a feel like my faith may not be drastically changing, looking back a few months I feel like I am a new person. My faith may not be having these huge daily changes, but over time, God is taking me on amazing journeys. He is making me new, through his word. I just haven’t opened my eyes enough to see that.

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