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Just Breathe.

Do you ever just want things to be perfect? I mean this in focusing all of your energy on one thing so that you can perfect this one little thing. Do you ever feel so overwhelmed that you can’t breathe? Believe me, I understand this, I am a perfectionist and an overachiever. If you know me in real life, I’m probably the busiest person you know. With activities such as dance, piano, and band I find it hard to fit in homework and other essentials. In fact, while I’m writing this, I’m thinking about all the homework I have to get done before I go to dance and piano. Sometimes it’s easy to forget to breathe, to hold your breath and just try to get through the day. However, you need to let yourself breathe before you pass out.

You can’t just keep pushing yourself to just get through it or else you are never going to make it.

I’ve had a lot of discussions lately about Sabbath. What is Sabbath? Am I doing it correctly?

If you asked most people “What is Sabbath?” the most popular answer would probably be a day of rest. I cringe every time I hear that because I don’t think rest is quite the right word to use. When people think of rest they think of sleep or an excuse to not do work. I think Sabbath should be thought of as a day to pause, or a day of reflection.

Sabbath is a chance to pause from the chaos of our lives and take a moment to breathe.

We desperately need this in our lives. If we don’t take this time to rest, we are going to knock ourselves out as it becomes too much for us to bear.

We’re underwater, and just taking time to pause allows us to go to the surface and take a big breath of air. No one can stay underwater forever.

You are good enough. There is nothing more you need to do to prove yourself.

Take a moment and go to your happy place.

And just breathe.


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  1. Thanks you for posting this, i really enjoyed it.

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