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Small Deeds, Good Intentions

It always hurts me to see the homeless lying there on the streets, looking up at us with those worn, painstaking eyes, beseeching the better off people to help them.

This world we live in has become so cold and unfeeling it’s disgusting to think about. Those people in Vancouver who own million dollar homes just walking right by these poor people without so much as a second glance.

Yeah sure, maybe they’re late for something and have to hurry, but seriously, what would a few minutes do to their schedule? A few minutes to stop and make a homeless person’s day by giving them a few bucks?

These homeless people depend on us so much and we just brush them off like ragged mutts. They are people just like us only they took a different route in life, whether it was their fault, or their parents, they made some wrong choices, became bankrupt and ended up on the streets. We would most likely step over a homeless man to feed a dog.

I remember once watching a video that these two prank guys made. They had a boy, no more than ten, dress in a tattered shirt and pants in the middle of winter with only a garbage bag for warmth. Then they had him stand on the side of the street in Vancouver and beg people for help. He stood there for two hours and not one person, not one out of dozens of people walking by with warm expensive coats on, stopped to help. In the end an old homeless man across from him came over and gave him his own shabby coat.  That man was kindly rewarded by the film makers for his generosity.

I know that if I had walked past that boy, I probably wouldn’t have stopped either. I would have been just like the crowd. Whenever I see a homeless person begging I excuse myself from the matter with, “I’m not old enough to help,” or “I don’t have enough money.”  When I see them staring at me, I feel uncomfortable, avoid eye contact and clutch my purse tighter.

It’s not like we try to be unsympathetic. We want to help these people but we just don’t want to feel the humiliation of people staring at us accusingly for going up to a filthy person. The problem is, if we are waiting until we can do something for everybody, instead of doing something for somebody, we end up doing nothing for nobody.

The work we do in Jesus’ name,
When strengthened by His might,
Can start off small but grow in time
And bring the Lord delight




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  1. Amazing article Rachel. Thank you for this insight. It’s so true, we need to stop thinking about ourselves, and begin to think about others.

  2. This is a subject that’s very close to my heart. This was very insightful. Thank you for this. <3

  3. This is such a true article, when I went to Oahu for 10 days, everyday I saw the same homeless man outside of our hotel and I wish that I could give him money every time I saw him.

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