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Climbing the Mountain

Faith is like a mountain. At this mountain, we stand at the bottom of the mountain and look up to see Christ who is standing at the top inviting us to come and join Him.

Many are fearful, it is not a climb they wish to attempt. However, they must not forget the great rewards of climbing to the top.

Some have more of a climb than others. Some have dug themselves a hole so deep that they must first learn how to climb out of this hole. It is not impossible, it takes faith and courage.

As we begin the climb, each step takes us further away from our old ways and closer towards Christ.

There are many paths on this mountain. It is easy to get lost and give up so we must find a guide or a map to help us. This map is the Bible. The Bible is the only reliable map and anything else will lead us back down the mountain into the valley of death.

Along the way, people call to us from the valley below telling us to turn back. They try to convince us to come back down and that the journey is far too dangerous and impossible to complete. However, we must ignore these people and turn our attention away from them and focus on God waiting for us on the top.

Never will the journey be easy, the Bible never said that. However, the Bible did say that there would be a great reward for us in the end.

Romans 8:18  “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.

If you haven’t physically climbed a mountain before I’m sure you’ve at least gone on a hike before to see something specific. While you’re walking your legs become sore and you become dehydrated. Eventually, you just want to give up. However, when you reach the final destination the view is absolutely spectacular and all the pain seems to be worth it at that moment.

Reaching the top of the spiritual mountain is like that except a million times better.

Even though we know the journey will be hard the end result will be eternally worthwhile. The reason why we were created was to climb to the top of this mountain, not to sit at the bottom full of doubt.

No matter where you are on the mountain, whether you are on the top, in the middle or still have yet to make the decision to climb, God will be there will you every step of the way helping you. In the end, He will make your suffering worth it.

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