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No talk, just love

This past summer I went on a missions trip to Campinas, Brazil with my church. I am going to be completely honest… I was terrified. I was scared of so much about the trip, yet I still felt God telling me I needed to go on the trip.

Going into this trip, I was battling quite a bit with myself. I was struggling to feel like I really belonged, and I was struggling to feel loved. It hurt, but I felt forced to not let it show.

We landed in Brazil, and I was confused. Everyone was speaking a different language, and I felt extremely out of place. I was mad at God. Why did he want me to come to a place where I felt even more strongly that I didn’t belong? Desperately, I kept believing in him.

God did shine through. A few days into the trip, I met a young boy named Pedro (peter in english). This boy had had an extremely hard past. He suffered and went through stuff that no child should ever need to experience. Pedro and I instantly connected. He loved holding my hand and bringing me for walks around the campus where all the children stayed. He knew very little english, and I knew very little Portuguese, yet I felt as though I have never connected with someone as much as I did with Pedro.

On the last day that we got to see the kids, Pedro brought me over to this hill where we just sat. Earlier that week, we would point at different objects, and I would say what it is in english, and pedro would say what it is in Portuguese. So as we were sitting on the hill, I pointed at the grass and said “grass”. Pedro didn’t respond, so I continued to try and create conversation with him. After about 2 minutes of this, Pedro grabbed my hand with both of his, looked into my eyes and said “no talk, just love”. He then leaned against me and held my hand. For a while we just sat there. It was precious, but it also broke my heart that he needed to feel loved so badly. I feel like Pedro and I were both really struggling with the same stuff. Wanting to feel like we belong in this world, and needed to feel loved for. God used a nine year old boy to change my life.

‘No talk, just love’ was all that went through my mind for a few days. That night I sat on the rooftop of our hotel for hours. Just in silence. Not talking to God, but feeling loved by him. I never realized how peaceful it is to do so.

Three months later, and I still feel like Pedro is a brother of mine. I miss him terribly. He ended up getting adopted into a safe and loving family, and from what I have heard, doing amazing. He was adopted just days after we returned to Canada. I feel like God purposely allowed me to meet him before he was adopted. God had plans for me that trip. He put Pedro in my life to give me the love I needed, and remind me to never let the negativity of the world get in the way of my life.

Often, God has different plans for us then what he have planned. There is times He is going to put something absolutely terrifying in front of us, and all that we can really do is trust in him; because often something beautiful comes out of it.

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  1. Hey Lucas that is amazing! God bless you and that boy! Glad you found someone who could also relate to you and you two could find comfort in each other.

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