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What Changes You?

What is change?

This is a question we at SCA have been asked many times over these past few days.

What is change?

I asked my devotions class to write me an answer – and tonight I got the chance to read their answers, and boy am I encouraged.
Not many of us can even wrap our minds around this change, and to be honest I am having a hard time figuring out what in the world this little tiny word means – and how come a six letter word can cause such fear in our hearts? What changes us? (what breaks our heart?)

What changes me?

Someone in my devo’s class wrote this – “I don’t know what breaks my heart.”

And you know what? That is okay.

Not knowing what breaks our hearts is just an invitation from God to dive into His heart and learn what breaks His.

So I am asking you, wherever you may live – whatever country you may be in – if you are in a coffee shop, taking a quick look at this before work, or sitting at home with nothing else to do – I ask you from my Tim Hortons bench in Canada – “What changes you?”

What breaks your heart?
If you don’t know – let’s dive into learning what breaks God’s heart and let’s do something about it.

“I used to think I needed an invitation to get into most places, but now I know I’m already invited.”- Bob Goff

We are invited into change. Let’s jump in and find out what breaks God’s heart and do something about it. Let’s “put hands and feet on love” – Bob Goff.

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  1. Love this. Thanks for sharing. Truly inspiring.

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