New Edges

Faith. What in the world is faith?
What does it mean to have faith?

This week God brought a group of us teens here to work through youth Alpha with the teens here in Behchoko NWT. These are the questions that as teens we are exploring together.

God is stirring hearts here.

Who knew a 16 year old man of God could organize an entire missions trip in three weeks? God did.
Who knew I would be laying here on a church floor listening to the NWT wind occasionally whip against the poorly insulated walls? God did.
Who knew I would cry on the way home from Yellowknife because of a homeless lady and homeless scattered throughout even these white cold streets? God did.

And who knew I would be sharing a part of my messy story with a young girl who broke into tears when I prayed for her? God did.

He is here. He is unstoppable. He is love.

This trip has taught me to trust. It has taught me to communicate. To lead. To worship. To connect. To live missionally.

Today some cool things have happened. From playing with a little girl and drawing castles to crying in the vehicle to snow angels to leading people in worship to teaching the new youth leader here guitar.
To sitting with a girl and showing her a glimpse of Gods love for her. To seeing her catch that glimpse that He needed to show her. A glimpse of His love.

His love is unstoppable.

This morning as we drove home from Yellowknife after having to walk away from a homeless lady as she was talked to by security.
My heart broke. With tears falling down my cheeks I silently broke apart.
Walking away from brokenness that you can’t fix is the worst feeling I can imagine. I haven’t felt God break at my heart quite like that in a very long time.

As we drove home I got this picture in my mind of a black, shiny piece of very solid rock. It had rough edges from being carved at and chipped at by it’s carver for a very long time. The tool used to chip away was a knife like stick. The piece of rock was slowly being shaped into a smoother, more defined rock – beautifully chipped away at with its rough edges reflecting the light.
As I look at the picture I see the carver take the knife and place it right in the center of the rock. With one mighty hit on the top of the knife the rock splits open and into two halves.

I think God is showing me my heart today. He has been working at shaping me and carving and chipping at me for a very long time. Each time I learn something new about Him or He breaks my heart is a new edge being smoothed and shaped.

But this morning driving away from the homeless lady, Sophie, He chipped my heart right into two halves. Beautifully reflecting the new edges they each had, beautifully broken. Shattered but right where He needs them to be.

What an adventure. Thank You God for chipping and shaping my heart to be more like Yours. Thank You for meaningful. Thank You for Cole and that You put it in his heart to bring us up here. Set a fire in our hearts. We long for You here. You answer prayer.
You are love. So thank You.

What is faith? An adventure.

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Figuring out life one day at a time and loving Jesus while doing it.

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  1. Jessica, my dear sister, it gives me such joy to hear that not only is God using you in the NWT but that He is shaping your heart as well. You have such a beautiful heart for those that God places in your path and a beautiful heart to serve Him. I want you to know that I am proud of you! We are all praying for you and the team and look forward to hearing all the stories of God’s work that you have witnessed and been blessed to be a part of. Our God is an amazing God! Love you lots!

  2. Beautiful words! You are in our prayers!

  3. Jessica you have a good heart and God bless you for that. I want you to know God is proud of you. He is a proud Dad who can’t keep smiling and is encouraging you to go on.

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