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He Shapes These Words

It’s a Sunday morning – and I am waiting to head off to church.
I am sitting here on my couch a bit sick, but more than a bit encouraged by what I am reading this morning.
This site is a place of real connection, of real community – real people writing to people searching for a glimpse of God’s voice.

And here – we find Him.

I don’t know where you are, what your name is, or why you decided to click on this site instead of Facebook, but I want to encourage you with this –

Thank you for diving into vulnerability, thank you for searching for some glimpse of God, thank you for being here.
We don’t have all the answers, we don’t have all the ‘right’ words – and we for sure don’t always have all the right spelling, but I think that even the fact that God has been using this site to minister to people all across the world shows us something:
God likes to use broken pieces, shattered dreams and maybe even imperfect people to show His love to others.

You might have questions you are trying to find answers for, you might have doubts you want to prove wrong, you might have emptiness you want to fill or a fullness you want to empty into the hearts of others. Here is your place. Let God speak to you, because He loves to use our broken words and shape them into something beautiful — shape them into His love.

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