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Pain Matters

“It hurt because it matters.”~ John Green.

Life is like a curve ball – sometimes you can tell where it’s going to take you, but at other times that “ball” goes off-course and you can’t tell where it’s spiralling to. The reality of life is that it will never be predictable and really that’s how God allows it. He likes to keep us guessing, occasionally giving people a bit of predictability and then throwing them into the vast ocean of the unknown when they least expect it. God loves the element of surprise.

Individuals experience events in their lives for a reason. Nothing occurs for no reason in particular. Nobody experiences a so called “easy life” everyone experiences difficulty in some form, but society has twisted the definition into an “easy life” being surround by the idea that those who seem to have everything or seem to be doing well in life therefore have it “easy.” The problem with this is that everyone struggles with their own demons, no one is safe. Who knows that person that has the so called “easy life” could have experienced the unthinkable when they were growing up and are just finally starting to figure out why those events happened to them. The word easy doesn’t describe anyones life.

People are plagued with different events in their lives. Those events all happen for a reason no matter how difficult they seem. Sometimes at the time those events seem like nothing could possibly be worse than that event, and that’s true except for the fact that reflecting on those events is even worse because instead of it being physically taxing it takes over the mind. The aftermath of an event leaves more scars then sometimes the actually event, but not always.

Reflecting back on life now, I see why some things happened to me but at the same time I don’t understand why others occurred. But that’s the fun in life, the mystery. When someone talks about a subject that I experienced even generally, it hurts a little every time, but that’s because it matters and those events have shaped me. Even though I went through hurt in the past it still stays with me and sometimes it hurts more because lots of people don’t understand why the little things that surround that subject hurt so much. The events that occurred and little conversations that aren’t even directly related to that event still get to me because they matter greatly. Those events have shaped who I am today, they shaped my values, my ideas, my mind set, my stubbornness and determination and most of all my fight for life and yearning to help those around me more than the average person.

Things hurt because they have direct or indirect connections to an individual’s life. It hurts but it has a great deal of value also in shaping your life, who you are and who you are becoming. Struggles and darkness may take over life at times but that’s because it’s meant to inevitably make you stronger even though it doesn’t seem like it (at least that’s what I’ve found). You may go through a world full of hurt but know that there are people surrounding you that care and support you maybe at the time it doesn’t always seem like it, but those caring people have a way of showing up in life when you least expect it.

Everyone’s life experiences matter, sometimes they hurt a lot but they will always be valued for the knowledge and growing that they have brought no matter the amount of pain that is affiliated with it events. Those life experiences have value behind them and bring a drive along with them to help others and make a difference in the lives of other people’s life if they have a similar experience. Life may seem terrible at times never give up hope, it gets a bit better for some brief moments of life.

Life matters, life experiences matter even those that really hurt you, and the reason that those things matter is because you were a part of them. They hurt sometimes to think about but that’s because they have a connection to you and you care about them because of the emotion involved. Pain matters. Pain is valuable, it gives people something to care about. It give people a sense of hope to help those who are going through similar pain. It all hurts because it all matters.



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  1. I really enjoyed reading your article. I love how you put the quote by John Green and compared life to a curve ball. Your right about how society twisted the definition and image of an easy life. I hope to read another one of your articles 🙂

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