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What do we have?

Here we are. What do we have?

Gotta honestly say the last week was a little tough for me. I got really sick on the weekend, and it took me what seemed like forever to get my strength back. Now, a week later I finally feel like myself again. 


It’s like when you were a little kid, trying to make a snowman. Once you lost your momentum, it’s hard to get that heavy ball of snow rolling again. Well that’s what I feel like. I’m back to normal, I can follow my schedule again, but I have no momentum and no motives to get my going. I have my energy back but no drive to go forward. Why.


What about hope, what about faith? All those things that we are supposed to have stored up, always there encouraging us on — where are they? 

But that just it, that is the answer to the haunting question: why? It’s because we don’t hold the answers, you or I; we are a helpless people on our own, hopeless people, very very stubborn. And I can tell you that is what I feel like — because I won’t listen to God. No hope, no drive, no point to anything in this life. 

But there is, there is hope and there always has been and it’s in God! That faith that you are supposed to have — it’s a two way story. It’s a story between you and God. 

Philippians 4:13 says, “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

Don’t you believe that? Or don’t you at least want to?

I do. Sometimes I get dragged down so low my hope is gone. But is it? Is that hope really gone? Have I, have you, really lost hope?

Hope is what we have, hope from our father in Heaven who loves us and give us hope. Hope is that which we have been given, and it’s never gone, even when we think it is. 

You know why? Because God never leaves us, and He’s our hope. How often do we forget that He’s there? He’s driving us on, He is our momentum and He’s always there. If you think your hope is gone, who’s fault is it? 

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Katrina is a young woman who doesn't know exactly what she's doing, or where she's going, but trusting that God will show the way and use her in ways she could never imagine.

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