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A Book By It’s Cover

Close your eyes.


When was the last time someone judged you without even getting to know you?

Now clear your mind, and think again.

When was the last time YOU judged someone without even getting to know them?

I bet it’s pretty easy to think of examples for both questions. I’ve done both. What I find is that if you take the time to get to know someone, you will uncover qualities that don’t appear at first glance. You begin to talk more, and feel more comfortable. Here’s an example: have you ever been judged/judged because of music choice? Someone people don’t like the same music as you, and for that they judge you. They tell you your music is “stupid” and “not good”. But really, what’s the definition of good? How good something is will be determined by the beholder.

It’s same thing with beauty. Ever heard the saying, “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.”? It’s more true than we think. Someone tells someone else that they are ugly, and they are wrong. That person is actually beautiful. Someone tells someone that they are stupid. And they are wrong.  It happens everywhere, people falling victim to the poisonous lies of the world, and their natural joy and light becomes extinguished because of it.

We judge people the first time we see them. From a high-and-mighty company CEO, to the homeless man living down the street, we judge, and in turn we are also judged. We sometimes don’t even see it or feel it happening because it’s so natural. It’s also natural for us to say the first thing that comes to our mind. We call that our “filter”, when we can think about what we say before we say it. Sometimes I think we forget about how much we hurt others with our words because it sounds different in our head than it does out in the open.

Next time you are going to say something, or write it, and sometimes even just think it…. Take a moment to stop and think. Because it can always hurt someone if you judge a book by its cover.

I’ve got work to do, and it won’t be an immediate change. But I know that although it’s going to be a tough and trying journey, God will be by me, cheering for me, and waiting at the finish line.

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Hey, my name is Kate. I love my family, sports, crafts, and hanging out with my friends. I enjoy travelling and meeting new people. I am hopeful that I will go deeper into my faith this year. I really love laughing and making people laugh.

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