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Our Tangible God

A God who stirs.
A God who moves.
A God who listens.

Who is God to you?
I pray that He is a God who works. He is a God who moves.

These past few days I have had plenty of time to myself, to think. To wonder. To confront the worries, the messes, the questions, the hurts, the confusions that are sifting inside of my heart.
I’ve been pushing them down inside me for so long, I’ve been ignoring them. I’ve been content with the ache inside me, the ache of confusion. But the other day I broke down.
I’m tired of trying to sift through everything inside of me, I’m growing weary of the confusions and questions and pains that are longing to be dealt with but haven’t been. It’s exhausting to try to figure life out on my own.

Today – I feel this simple, yet powerful sense of peace. Yes, my heart still aches a bit – but for some reasons today I’ve been able to confront some of the questions I have inside of me. I’ve been able to find a bit of joy within the ache. And for the first time in many many weeks, I have given up the fight.

The fight to keep everything inside of me ‘organized’, the fight to ignore the pains and wonder and confusions I have at God. And when I think about the things that have been worrying me – all I can feel is this simple peace that surpasses all that I have known in a long, long time.
I’m not perfect, I still feel like breaking into a pile of tears and mess any second. But that’s okay with me.

So what triggered this peace? Well. I guess I finally felt God today in a tangible way.
I prayed – and I could feel Him there. I gave Him my worry. I gave Him my questions about the future.
I was driving to church to practice for worship on the weekend, and I felt God in a real way. I just talked to God. Like He was there. and I felt joy. The joy that only can come from God. The joy of having a God who looks after me. The joy of having a friend when I’m lonely. The joy of having a God who wants to know me. A joy of having someone to say thank you to. A joy. Complete. The joy of being called the daughter of the one and only King.

He is God. He is love. He is joy. He is peace.
Thank you God for showing up today.

If you are yearning to hear from God. To feel joy – I have something to tell you:

He knows you.
This mess you feel like you are drowning in? That heavy pressure on your chest every time you are alone? That loneliness?
Doesn’t make you worth any less to the one who created You.
You are loved.

Being imperfect doesn’t make you weak. It gives you the chance to be strong in Him.
You are not alone in this. Let His presence wash over you.
He will show up.
Even if you have to wait – He will show up.

I see His arm reaching out towards me as I reach mine out to Him. My arms can only go so far – but His reach the rest, filling the gap I’ve created, & I feel His peace.

God, I pray for the one who is reading this right now, God that you would show up. Thank you for being the God of joy. The God who fills loneliness. The God who gives Joy. The God who loves. Thank you for being our God who shows up. Thank you for being a friend.

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