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Encounter Friday: Others

“You are who your friends are.”

This phrase is a fundamental teaching in life; your friends shape you—they change you. Whether you like it or not, the people you value determine your character—the way you think, speak, and act. In fact, we have heard this advice from adults so constantly it has become a cliche; however, if you reverse the phrase, it extends much deeper than choosing friends that will help you grow, develop, and change for the better.

“Your friends are who you are.”

As much as your friends influence you, you influence them; you have an impact on those you meet, those you speak to, and those you interact with. The only way to see change in others is to initiate it yourself–there is power in your actions. As an ambassador of Christ, you are called to make a change; you are called to influence others.

Choose your actions: you have influence.  

This is what God has called His people to be about: creating life changing environments where authentic community can take place. It is about building transforming communities where people are experiencing oneness with God and oneness with one another. Communities that are so compelling that they create thirst in a watching world.

God has a dream for us, and I believe it includes authentic community. Jesus prayed for it. It’s what we all need and what our world longs to see. In a small effort to experience that at some level, we have a few questions for you.  Get in groups, talk in your class, whichever works for you.  Here are a few questions:

1.Identify a time when you felt isolated from others. What kept you in isolation?

2.Do you agree that one of God’s dreams for us to is experience community?

3. Who are the people who have played meaningful roles in your faith journey? Name them and talk about why they were so meaningful.

4. How can our faith gently impact others and point them towards full life?


One reminder for today – not only is Hunger Free pizza on today (so get there early), but they are also selling pop and chips too!  Let’s see the difference we can make in South Sudan today!


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