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Tune In, Tune Out

In physics class, we had to do this experiment with an old AM radio–one of those which has a large antenna that extends a mile long (ahem. That was an exaggeration), and has a huge knob which you have to turn… The experiment consisted of tuning the radio enough to hear music, then trying to see what could disrupt the signal from the antenna.

It was a good experiment–in theory. The one problem? Tuning turned out to be a major problem. We turned the knob. We extended the antenna. We walked around the school, trying to find a signal. But no matter what we tried, all we heard was static.

We strive to hear and feel the love of God, and often we try and try again to achieve this feeling of contentment and peace. But, there are points where no matter what we do–no matter how much we stretch ourselves–we don’t gain any positive results. All we hear is static in our lives–an unchanging sound that never changes.

It’s disheartening. We desperately want something to work, and when it doesn’t all we feel is disappointment and anger. We turn our radios off and put them away, unable to listen to the music of God.

But just because you can’t hear anything coming from the speakers, doesn’t mean that the radio is completely broken. Not hearing Him does not mean you are deaf to the world. Not feeling Him does not mean you are paralyzed to emotions. Not seeing Him does not mean you cannot see the hearts around you. You are not perfect. But that doesn’t mean your radio is beyond hope.

Sometimes we are tuned into our faith, and sometimes we tune out. That is expected–there is nothing wrong with hearing static. But we must realize that it takes time to find the right tuning. It takes perseverance and patience to hear the music again.

At this point, you might be wondering, “but Keilah, once we can hear the music again, what about the things that disrupt the signals of our radios–like in the experiment?” (If you were not thinking about this already, now you are.)

Find the things that disrupt your signal. It will take trial and error. But once you know the things that prevent your radios music, then you will know the things that inhibits your relationship with God. You will know the things that hold you back from your potential–from your music.

Tune your radio. Be patient. Be willing. Find God’s music and listen.

About Keilah

Keilah is just your average young adult who laughs, smiles, and cries over homework. She knows she's called to something in her life, and is currently living her university life searching for the answer. The confusion, chaos, and hurt in the world constantly pushes her to do more than just watch from the sidelines. She strives to be 'real,' sometimes gets lost in the dark, but is always searching for the light.

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  1. Really good article!

  2. This currently really applies to my life. Sometimes, no matter what, it seems like I can’t hear God. I’m constantly tuning in and out. I really need to take the time and see what is disrupting my signal.

  3. Great post and great message. Listening to God can be hard sometimes, thank you for writing this it was really inspiring and motivational.

  4. Thank you for this! I had been listening, trying to tune in for years, I wanted to KNOW God was real, I wanted proof of something. Then finally, at encounter 2016, I heard it. “Join me, let’s run this race together” I sat in shock in the auditorium. I was so happy that I finally heard it. The same thing can happen to everyone. Don’t give up. Listen, and you will hear. Just be patient. And remember, God loves you and he will not let you down.

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