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Empty like a fallen cup


Disclaimer – Norse mythology isn’t the right way to go in terms of life decisions. I am just using this application as an example of how other beliefs can relate to Christianity, without people having to believe in the beliefs presented in this work.

Pertho - The empty cup
Perthro – Norse rune

When the vikings, Norse people, were alive, they told their children about the Norse mythology. In the Norse mythology, there was many magic symbols, called runes, that were like words, or spells. One of these symbols, or runes, was called Perthro – “The Empty Cup”. Perthro looks like an empty glass lying on its side, as if it was poured out. In fact, “The Empty Cup” was commonly used as the  rune for luck, or chance. Nowadays it is the sign for destiny or fate.

Lately, I feel like I am a cup, and I am empty. I feel like I have been tipped over, and all of me has dripped out, leaving a ordinary container. I lay on my side, waiting, watching, wondering, if anyone will pick me up and fill me again. Once in a while, I am righted. Being filled anew, I feel refreshed for a little while. Then I wait for the next spill, not because of the pain, but because of the feeling of completeness that comes with each spill. Indeed, each time I am filled, it feels better, if only for a little bit. The emptiness always comes back, but I have my family of empty cups to cheer me on.

“Being filled with the fruits of righteousness, which are by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and praise of God.” Philippians 1:11Empty Cup

In Luke 22:42, Jesus said

“Father, if you are willing, take this cup from me; yet not my will, but yours be done”

Jesus had a choice, to take the cup full of suffering and pour it on himself for us, or leave it and let us take the suffering ourselves. He could have chosen to change the outcome. He could have told the people that he was lying and he wasn’t the son of God. Instead, Jesus chose to take the full cup of suffering and dump itself. He let the last drops of suffering drip out of the cup, and let the last drops of blood drop out of his pierced side.

He took the cup so that we didn’t have to. Out cups are empty because Jesus emptied them of the pain so that we could fill our cups up with different, or better things. Being empty is a blessing, because we have the chance to be filled by something, fill ourselves, and those around us up. What we fill them up with is our choice though. Will you fill others up with bitterness, pain, guilt, and envy, or with the fruits of the spirit?


Empty cup, May you be filled up.

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  1. Hey Xeberon, I don’t know how, but I have found that I can relate to so many of the things you have been talking about. Sometimes I feel like an empty cup, and I don’t always feel like I have a purpose in life, but it helps to keep praying and to just trust that the Lord has a plan, because he does. I pray that you may see that and that you may feel full once again. Your friend, Delaineys

    • greetings delaineys:
      I am glad that you are able to relate to many things I have talked about. Not everyone will right now. From my experience, I know that God always has a plan. Knowing this doesn’t make it easier, even though it is true. Thank you for the encouragement
      – Xeberon

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