What a beautiful name it is: LORD.

Our God is grace, our God is peace, our God is hope, our God is love. I am overwhelmed by the traits of God. I so often forget that God is not a being that I cannot reach. He is person, He is tangible. He is here.

I am drawn back to Him, in the times when I forget that God is beautiful, God is awe, God is peace, God is friend.
I am wooed into His being.

In these past few days I have had the chance to slow down, fill up. Immerse myself in His presence. But it takes effort, it takes me choosing when I cannot sleep to read His Word, instead of watch my tv show on Netlix. It takes me sitting down on the floor and pulling out my guitar again to praise His name. I forgot how important it is to take time out for Him. He longs to sit with me, He longs to sit with you. I encourage you to sit. Sit somewhere with no distractions, sit and pray. Maybe don’t even bring worship music. Just sit in who He is. He will meet you. Maybe not instantly, but even though you may not feel Him, there’s so much more to God than a feeling. Sit long enough to let Him know you mean it when you say, “I long for you God”.

God is so much more than what we know He is. God is so much more than what we have experienced of Him. There is no end to Him. Last night I was at a Worship night and the Pastor said this, “I didn’t know I was so dry”. How often do I not realize that what I think God is is an underestimation of His presence? So often. Ask for more. He has so much more to show you, and me.

Feeling dry? Sit. Give Him your heart, but also be still. Because God calls us to that. God calls us to Sabbath. He calls us to rest. He calls us to be in Him, be with Him. He is in the stillness. Choose to praise even when you feel dry. Faith is not something that we can feel, it is something we choose to pursue.

Let’s pursue together this God of community, this God of peace, this God of grace. Our God who loves completely. Our God who is present. Our God who is with. Our God who is here. Oh what an amazing love we get to rest in. Be Still. Sit in love with Him.

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