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Feeling at the pit of despair. And right there and then, when you open up they all leave. The friends who know you rely on them abandon you even after the millions of times they promised otherwise. You need someone to accept you, to care, to love you, to let you cry on their shoulder, there’s no one.

They suddenly reject who you are leave because you revealed who you really are.

You are hurt. So much so that there’s unending pains in your real physical heart, it fills your eyes and vision. You feel alone and seperated.

After an experience such as this, why do you keep giving people the chance, why do you keep opening up? Because we have no reason to move on, and no way to grow without it. I know it’s a huge sacerfice, but many experience it over and over time and time again such as me myself.

My parents are actually atheists. I respect what they believe and value, I respect fully their reasons and views, I accept it, I do not criticize them for it. It just seems I’m expected to give respect and acceptance while getting none in return. It’s a one way flow. I do not want to talk to my friends about it anymore because none of them have really been close to an atheist, especially not a parent. But I love God with all I’ve got.

My parents try to force me away from God by yelling in one sided arguments, by denying openly who I am. But I can rest knowing God will always accept me no matter what, always support me, always love me, always be with me.

I’ve learned a lot from rejection, and I know people will judge me for saying this, but I’m glad I have to keep experiencing it over and over. I hate the pain and how much struggle it causes for me, but in the aftermath, I grew so much and learned so much about myself and God.

It will end, it does get better, you will find your way.

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  1. I have experienced lots of rejection because of some of the things I like to do. Thank you for inspiring me to get out of my comfort zone and make new friends that have the same interest in me.

  2. I agree

  3. Mikayla Ostermayer

    I really like this post, because I have personally been rejected at some point. I think it is very relatable to many people because I think at some point, people have been rejected. Thank you!

  4. Thanks so much for writing this. It really touched me. This issue is one that I’ve experienced, and many others as well. Those people would also be touched with your words as well.

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