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Escaping the cycle, and discovering the beauty.

Wake up, Get dressed, eat breakfast, drive to work or school, come home, go to sleep, REPEAT.

The cycle. It seems to never end. Day after boring day. Is this what God wants?  Its like, every day is the same. Sure, we look forward to the weekend, Christmas, summer etc. But why is it that once these things are over, things aren’t as grand. We are always just waiting for that next big thing. Is this what God wants? No, I don’t believe so. And yet I fall into the same cycle.

What if every day could be just as wonderful as that moment you are dwelling on for comfort. I do think this is possible, but it sure ain’t easy. Ive had some radical experiences in my life. Once at a summer camp I experienced the love of the holy spirit that totally changed my life. But then when I went back to school its like that energy and love disappeared as I fell into the cycle. Then this last summer I Had another crazy experience, this time it was shared with my best friend. It changed him and it changed me. But then again, school starts. Its so hard to hold on to those experiences and have them substitute for the emptiness. Thats because they cant. We can not dwell on an experience to substitute for the emptiness of the cycle.

Because the truth is that we truly need to learn to live in the moment. I know another cliche saying, but it’s so true! And yet many times it seems impossible to do. So what does “living in the moment ” truly mean? Well, I think it means being happy with the now and enjoying the now, and not dwelling on some past or future experience. The truth of the matter is, we can not use the past to keep us going. We must learn to live with God in everyday life. Sure, those experiences can bring you closer to God. But in the end they aren’t going to get you to the finish line.

We must learn to be indulging in Gods presence everyday. One thing I have always struggled with is devotions. Praying, reading, and worshiping. It indeed is possible for it to be a part of our day to day schedule. But gosh its hard. Most people have either sports, homework, any hobby, or a variety of those. In order to maintain a relationship with Christ I believe we must take a part of our day and devote it to Him.

Now don’t get me wrong, Im not any better at this than ya’ll. But The fact still remains. If we want to be living a life full of Gods love and full of Christ we must do something about it. So may I encourage you all, if you want to be filled with Christ in day to day life, and to “live in the moment” than do something about it. Take a designated time out of your day, and it doesn’t even have to be long. But just have a time where you can pray, and read Gods word. Because if you believe God loves you, which he does, than why not use the tools he has given you? Try the 2,2,1 method. 2 worship songs, 2 chapters, and a prayer. God loves you and he wants to build a relationship with you. But remember, a one sided relationship doesn’t work out.

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Hi, I'm Justin. I'm just another dude trying to discover gods love in this crazy world. I hope you enjoy my articles. God changed my life, he can change yours. too. Enjoy.

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