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Sidekicks. Everyone needs one. Someone to talk to, someone to help you. What’s a hero without their sidekick? Who’s Batman without Robin or Gordon Freeman without his trusty crowbar? Well, clearly not a hero. Even everyday people have “sidekicks”. Your sidekick could be your best friend, your brother, your sister, anyone your close to really. Or, if your really feel like you don’t have someone who can be your sidekick, there’s always the big guy upstairs (God).  Man I’ve said “sidekick” a lot in this article already, and it’s only 10 sentences long so far.

Anyways, get someone to talk to. You don’t want to end up like the coke and mentos science experiment gone wrong. What do I mean by this? Well in case you didn’t know, when you drop a mento into a coke bottle and put the lid on it starts to fizz more and more building up pressure until it can’t take it anymore and POP! Off comes the lid.

If you don’t have a sidekick, chances are, you will bottle everything up inside. With no one to talk to, no hole in the bottle for the fizz to escape, things will start to build up like the fizz. The more things you go through and the more thoughts you shove down deep within yourself to never see the light of day again, the more the “fizz” begins to build. The human mind can only take so much by itself, just like the coke bottle can only handle so much pressure. The pressure is too much the bottle can’t take it- and the lid flies off.

Now normally, with this experiment, if the cap flew off and hit you, it’s gonna hurt a lot, but it won’t kill you. However in real life (in certain cases) it can. Why does a person commit suicide? “I can’t take this anymore”. That’s the classic line. They can’t take the pressure anymore, to the point where their lid comes off, they lose their common sense and well, you know the rest.

Bottom line is, GET SOMEONE TO BE YOUR SIDEKICK. It’s extremely unhealthy, one would even say deadly to keep your feelings within yourself, so find someone to spread them to. To share your problems with. Personally, I’m very close to my friend (Whom I will not name for privacy sake), so one could say he is my “sidekick”.  Another thing, don’t forget its a 1 for 1 deal. They’re your sidekick, but you’re their sidekick too. If you ever find someone who looks like they need someone to talk to, or maybe they just need a friend, be their sidekick. Yet what if this person is known to be rude or hurtful? Do we still try to help them? Or do we look away, and walk in the other direction? Martin Luther King once said: “Love is the only force capable of transforming an enemy into a friend.”

Reading over this article I realize it sounds partially like a science lesson. I’m not the greatest when it comes to wording things, (which you’ve probably already realized) but please take me seriously when I say that everyone needs a sidekick.

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  1. Yo! tyler this is so good. I really enjoyed reading it. You’ve got a talent my dude. keep em coming

  2. Mikayla Ostermayer

    Very good article Tyler!

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