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Smokers Poison

Timing is everything, that is what young smokers think. They suppose that since they are so young they can smoke now and quit later. The chemicals effect you the same way as a 90 year old. Smoking is a killer. It kills 7 million people a year. It causes cancer and causes anxiety.

Smoking can cause many issues the most well known is called smokers lung. When you smoke many chemicals enter your lungs. Tobacco itself has over 4000 chemicals. Nicotine, carbon monoxide, and tars are some of these substances. These chemicals can attach to your lungs. This can cause anything from a cough to cancer.

Smoking can cause many other things to. Gum infection, having a stroke, blindness, aortic rupture, pneumonia, heart disease, hardening of the arteries, reduced fertility, and even a hip fracture.

The biggest problem is when a women smokes while pregnant. Smoking when pregnant doubles the chance that a baby will be born early or weigh less then five and a half pounds. Another possibility is the women can have a stillbirth. Every cigarette increases the risk of an issue in your child.

Save your child and yourself. Your life is precious make it last a long time. Quit smoking. If you need help go find it.

Stop now and your life can be better. Need help to stop your addiction go here to this website https://www.informationvine.com/index?qsrc=999&qo=semQuery&ad=semD&o=603548&l=sem&askid=05c91ccb-4ff2-4cc5-aadd-448aa6258db2-0-iv_gsb&q=stop%20smoking%20support&dqi=&am=broad&an=google_s

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