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Suspension and Colloid Christianity


Give me just a few moments.  This just might be really important and relevant to the Christian life. A suspension is a mixture in which particles can be easily be separated from the rest of the substance. An example of this would be cheese curds in Poutine. A colloid is a mixture in which particles can not be easily seen or separated from the mixture. An example of this would be Milk. Now why am I telling you this useless info that could bore you to tears? The answer is because it is connectable to the type of Christian life you live.

A Christian who is like a Suspension stands up for what he believes in. He/She is different from the crowd and everyone knows it. He/She tries to put what he learns from the Bible into practice. He/She tries to discern if what is being taught at Church is what the Bible is actually saying and if it is out of context.  He/She also is like white in a sea of black when everyone is doing the wrong thing and He/She is doing the right thing.

A Christian who is like a Colloid blends in with the crowd. He/She doesn’t try to put in practice what they have learned from the Bible. He/She is someone who has no discernment of what is right and wrong as long as the pastor and everyone else who is a Christian is doing it. He/She is like a grey blob within other grey blobs, unnoticeable and unseen.

During church today, we had a sermon along the lines of this devotion, which I thought was a funny coincidence. My pastor said that in a football team, there are those 11 people on the field for each team, and those 50,000 people who cheer on the players and think that they are part of the game. This relates to my statement about Colloid Christianity because if you are just a big fan of the pastor and the church and the message, but never really consider the message or put it into practice, your just a church fan and not a church member.

I want to end off with a verse: Luke 6:26 What sorrow awaits you who are praised by the crowds, for their ancestors also praised false prophets. This means that if you always go along with what the crowd thinks is right, but what you think is wrong, you are actually worsening your authority in spreading the good news to other people.

Well, I hope this has been a help in your daily walk with God and that I didn’t bore your guts out. See you next time! -DaBeef

Challenge: Try to go out today and see what you can try to change differently in your daily routine to be yourself and not go along with what every one else says is right but what the Bible says is wrong.

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