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The Secret Identity

What would you do if your friend was all of a sudden acting like a different person for some reason?

Would you have thought that maybe this was actually who they are? You probably wouldn’t, in fact you would think they are pulling a prank on you at first, or that there just so happens to be a person that looks identical to them. But you should know that lots of people are like your friend. People everywhere can’t cope with letting the world know who they really are, or they just feel they aren’t good enough and that they have to change.

I myself have put on a mask, hiding myself and acting completely different. Masks can feel nice, you can start getting noticed and liked, you can keep info you don’t want people to know away and you can make yourself the way you wanted to be. Seems like a win-win situation right? Maybe, but have you considered how dangerous it is to change who you are? God made you the way he wanted you, because you are perfect. Why would you need to change yourself, your perfect after all aren’t you? But sometimes people don’t think they are good enough, they think they aren’t good enough, and stray to trying to mask themselves.

People with masks are all around you, if you had special mask seeing vision you would probably see a masked person everywhere you went. But what about those without a mask, why don’t they have one? Aren’t they afraid of their real self getting shown to everyone? No, they learned they are perfect way they are, and you should too. God loves you, and it pains him to watch you try to change what he made perfect. Everyone is a child of God, and has the potential to be a great follower of Christ, it’s just they don’t like themselves or others the way they are.

Masks, in conclusion, can really cause some serious changes to people, a friend you thought you can turn out to be an addict to alcohol, or other things you never thought they would have interest in. People in masks seem really hard to help, almost like we should leave them be since they wanted to be in the mask the first place, but they need help regardless. You just have to show them being yourself ain’t so bad, but that is easier said than done. In reality you probably are that person in the mask too. So what do you do then, you can’t expect a stranger to help get you out of that mask so easily, you will have to ask for help from someone you trust, so then you can escape your mask to help others. Masks stop us from being who we really are. I feel like a good way for you to see how Don’t try to be someone you’re not, because you are perfect

You just haven’t seen how amazing God made you yet.

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  1. Outstanding article Lucas, amazing how true this is

  2. Mikayla Ostermayer

    Oh my goodness Dubz! This is so meaningful! I know everyone has put on a mask at some point in their life. This is such a good article! Can’t wait for your upcoming articles!

  3. Amazing article! I like how it has a very real meaning and describes life how it actually is, not all sunshine and rainbows.

  4. I love this article Lucas! I love how true and meaningful it is. Excited to read more of your stuff 🙂

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