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trusting His plan…

Sometimes it can be hard to really trust God when a lot of bad stuff is going on in your life. I’ve been there, and a lot of the time I’ve had a hard time believing that God is really listening, and hearing my prayers. I’ve struggled with that over and over again, but what I have to remember is that even at my worst, this is all apart of Gods plan for my life. I’ve had struggles before but after a few of them, I’ve realized that I truley do grow stronger and become closer to God, because of them. You may think that you’re all alone, but you really aren’t. On average you walk by at least a hundred people everyday who are going through struggles in their life. Sometimes all you want to do is curl up in a ball and just get away from the world. Trust me, I feel like this too sometimes. Sometimes you don’t want to talk to anyone, or even look at anybody. You may think that this is actually what is going to help you get through the struggles, but it’s not. Sometimes just opening up to one person can completely change your attitude. It may not make you feel completely better, but it’s at least worth a try. Who knows, maybe that person is going through the same kind of thing. You could help each other.

I’ve been through quite a few struggles in my life time. In grade seven I went to SCA, but then in grade eight I changed schools and went to a public school. This really challenged my faith because the people there just weren’t the same as at SCA. Most of them weren’t even Christians. It was just a completely different dynamic, sometimes I even questioned my faith. I switched schools because it would let me skate in the whole afternoon. Then in February I broke my foot and I couldn’t skate for a really long time. This is when I was at my worst. I was wondering why God would do this too me, and I couldn’t figure out how this could possibly be His plan for my life. In June I went back to skating, but I couldn’t do it nearly as much, and it just didn’t feel the same, so I decided the week before school started to go back to SCA. This is when I realized that this is why God made me break my foot, and not to be able to skate as much. He wanted me to be at SCA and be close to him. This shows that even when it looks like your world is over, it really isn’t. God isn’t going to do something to you that is going to hurt you. I mean it might hurt at first, maybe even for awhile, but in the long run you will be be better, and stronger as a person. It’s all apart of God’s plan.

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  1. Such an inspiration Ella. Great article.

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