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Voices & The One Who Listens

There are billion of people in the world, each living lives we may know nothing about. Each one is experiencing something different, that may change their life forever. We don’t think about it as we walk past people, we just mind our own business. Often everyone looks at their feet and the ground as they walk by. It takes courage to make eye contact, because sometimes we might put on a smile, but we can really see what is going on inside by someone’s eyes. We don’t want to let people in. We each have a voice that wants to be heard, but we shut it down.

The last time you needed someone as you broke down, you thought you could tell someone. There was maybe one person you looked up to and hoped they could help you. You went to them and asked to talk, time and time again they had said they would listen no matter what. You started to talk, they seemed to listen, but then you watched their eyes as their mind went elsewhere. You stopped talking and they said, “What was that?” and you responded with, “Nothing.” It seemed like no one would listen to what you had to say.

It’s true, there are billions of people and yet sometimes not one will seem to listen. We were not made to lean on them, but God. Yes, people are here to help, but God will listen to all your problems and pain. He already knows what is happening, yet He will listen. When you have no idea what to do and you need to vent out everything inside He will listen the whole time.

Not just listen, but respond. Maybe not through words, but something will come back in return. It may seem to take a while, but it comes. The response will be something maybe said to you before; you ignored it the first time, maybe even the next time. It might be really easy to notice or barely at all. God is someone we can trust and turn to. I’m not saying that people won’t listen and we shouldn’t trust them, I’m just saying that no matter what we can trust God.

You can let everything out softly, loudly, silently; just let it out. He listens to every voice, every single one. He is there and He will listen to your voice no matter what you have to say; always.

Jeremiah 29:12

Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you.

This is the beautiful invitation that extends to each of us.  To be seen.  To be heard.  Even amongst the billions of voices, know this truth.

God, the one who understands, hears your voice.

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  1. Hey Cassady. I wanted you to know that I will listen.

  2. Thanks so much Cassady. This is really amazing and something I needed to hear. Keep up the good work!

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