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A fresh start

Made new, reborn, renewed, fixed, refitted, revised, transformed, remade, a fresh start.  There are so many ways that I could name the transformation of God. and he transforms us in so many different ways. So many different ways he changes us. Some changes come as fast as a simple act of kindness can change someone’s day or as slow as the caterpillar turning into a butterfly. For me, my change took years. I naturally live in the moment and I couldn’t see the big picture of what God had painted with my hurt in my past.

He used the blood to paint a heart, a heart that would understand and connect to others with a deeper bond. Through my crying, he listened and taught me how to listen just as he did with me. He humbled himself to serve others, I followed and learned to serve as well. If there’s one thing that I can name God in one word, other than what we call him is love. He grieved with me after a death of a loved one but, he could grieve with anyone else than me, and he does but, he grieved with me because he loves me. He’s with us because he loves us. If he didn’t love us then why would miracles still happen.

He is my father, the one who has his arms wide open, he’s been waiting for us and he will wait forever with his unchanging grace. When I walked into his house, there was a sense of piece. I didn’t hold onto that for long enough because I hadn’t changed, I started living in the moment again. On a bad day, I had lost someone very important to me and my family. It had brought my eyes back to God but, this time I had changed to accept God’s ways. I felt him lift the weight on my heart that I couldn’t lift on my own.

His love is so great and I can barely show what It’s like to have God’s love and mercy. If my love were a cup of water, he would be the ocean. I can’t describe how good It feels to have your life in chaos and have God slow everything down for you so you can admire the beauty of his creation. To take a look at the sunset and stare into the marvelous color scattered across the sky. To see the reflection of the sun across the waters, surrounded by the green trees, the various colors, a light breeze  in the air and a little trickle of a stream. Many of us take our quality of life for granted, I know I do. So I will try to return the favor, take the risk of being humiliated to give the same peace and love that God gave me.

I will take another step into the waters to experience the peace that God provides and I encourage everyone to do the same. Make a fresh start.

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I'm 15 year old giant who loves food, especially sushi, shrimp and watermelon. I've grown up in a Christian family and have known Jesus for all my life, but I want to explore him for myself.

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  1. Great article, Joel! I value the relatability (if that’s a word) of your article

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