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Bonjour. That’s hello in french; except I’m not french. I am your average human being with lots of questions, questions and possibly some answers. I love playing hockey, lacrosse, and pulling lame but hilarious pranks on my family.
I come from a strong church community, and I love giving some advice on what I can. But… I’ll tell you a secret. Ready?

I don’t know everything.
In fact, I am far from it. Probably among some of the farthest. But in Psalm 96:3, the Bible says, ““Declare His glory among the nations, His wonders among all peoples.” So I will do my best to fulfill that. Let’s see what I can do, shall we?

21 Century: What Does It Mean For Girls??

Are you a girl in the 21 century? Well, you may be asking the same question I am… Did I sign up for this?? Sometimes I look back on past memories and I wish there was a rewind button, where you could experience things all over again. For me, I …

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Why Does This Have To Be?

You find yourself in a position you had not imagined. Not in a million years. Yea, it was going fine before.  But now? You look around and take in everything wrong that’s happened, feeling your mental capacity start to crack under the pressure. Your eyes fill with tears threatening to …

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