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Hey my name is Isaiah Hodges! I love ethnic food and spending time with friends. I also enjoy a good doughnut every once and a while. I am on my school volleyball team. Physical activity is very important and I love the outdoors.

I come from a family of five and I recently just got a new sister! I have two amazing sisters, Demaris and Lily. My brother, Elijah, is a huge Harry Potter fan and also loves Pokémon as well. I have been a Pancake PRO in my family since I was 7 and I also love the word Gargonzola

Walking Through Divorce

Divorce. This is something that almost 50% of all children will witness. Think of all the people living without their father or mother. All the kids who won’t learn how to properly maintain a healthy marriage because of how their parents handled theirs. All the broken hearts that see their loved …

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