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I'm 15 year old giant who loves food, especially sushi, shrimp and watermelon. I've grown up in a Christian family and have known Jesus for all my life, but I want to explore him for myself.

Truth or Tale?

Have you ever seen Thor the movie? did you know that he is a Norse tale, or even Zeus, Loki and so on. But there’s one question that I and many others struggle with in their faith; Is God real? This inquiry is so widely known because even as much …

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What’d you expect?

We expect our ice cream to be cold, we expect our parents to take care of us, and we expect the fire to die. Don’t we have expectations for everything or almost anything? I know that I expect that I will graduate, and I expect to continue playing sports aka, …

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Defined By

Who am I? It’s a question I really struggle with. Am I the typical sports jock? Am I a softy? The question keeps on popping up in my head each day. Who am I? I’ve asked people, who am I? All the time, I get different answers. Does that mean …

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A fresh start

Made new, reborn, renewed, fixed, refitted, revised, transformed, remade, a fresh start.  There are so many ways that I could name the transformation of God. and he transforms us in so many different ways. So many different ways he changes us. Some changes come as fast as a simple act of …

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Walk into the water

Swimming is fine for me, I love to swim like many others. I could swim for hours, just as long as I have food with me because I need to refuel. Could I swim all year though. Eventually It gets cold here in Canada. Snow starts to fall and the …

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The Fear of Life

Imagine with me for a moment.  Your mom tells you to go grab the box with the dishes while you’re moving into your new house and you just get so distracted at how big your new house is. Little did you know, the dangerous territory you were about to enter.  …

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How expensive am I?

Sure I have a good quality life, great friends, freedom and other excessive things that make my life better and easier but, does that really contribute to my worth of a human being or my soul? Does our self worth come from the amount of money we have? often we …

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Through It All

You’re on a boat with the crashing waves all around you. Water and people, tossed like salad without control. You feel like you’re going to hurl or be hurled off the boat. What can calm your storm, who can calm your storm? Is it the delicious doughnuts, the new game …

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What’s Missing?

I haven’t been alive for a long time, but still I find that I have some knowledge. What I want to share is something that we all seek everyday, something that we struggle to have all the time. That something is what we use for ourselves and others try to give …

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