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Jordana Kephart

A girl who really enjoys writing and drinking large amounts of tea. I'm trying to strengthen my relationship with God; and am hoping I can be inspired by inspiring others.

Nothing To Lose

Lately, every task has seemed meaningless to me. At times, it doesn’t even feel like I have much to live for. Lately, I have been making increasingly bad decisions. I can’t seem find the reason behind my unhealthy life choices, but somehow, I keep making them. Every time it happens, I try to feel something …

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Will I get in?

Heaven.  What is it? I have really struggled with the idea of Heaven.  In my times of being against God, and even during my perfectly sound ones; the idea of Heaven has frightened me. Death itself is such a terrifying topic, because it’s secrets lie beyond where human minds can …

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Always Waiting

Throughout my life, so much confusion has surrounded my faith. I grew up in a house without religion, and friends with twisted views on Christianity.  Until I was around seven years old, I had no idea what it truly meant to be Christian. One summer, I attended a Bible Camp and …

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